Simple Tips For Natural Back And Hip Pain Relief At Your Office

Back and hip pains are not always related to any serious underlying condition, most of the times. A conscious effort to move your back and hip properly at regular intervals will relax the muscles, tendons and ligaments around your back, giving a quick and early solution to what might turn out to be a chronic problem.
When to seek medical advice for back pain?

1. If the back pain is persistent throughout the day. It does not decrease, even after a good rest.

2. If the back pain is making you to get up from the bed.

3. If the back pain is making it difficult for you to sit on a chair even for half an hour .

4. If the back pain worsens on lifting a weight as small as 1 or 2 kg.

5. Lie down flat and raise your leg straight to 90 degrees, if you are feeling severe back pain, then it is the right time to meet the doctor.

Other than these, say, if you have back pain for just a few moments in a day, or it recedes after resting, or if the back is paining after a very heavy workload, then please relax. Some rest will definitely relax the back muscles and relieve the pain.

Here are a few tips for back muscle relaxation  –

Simple but effective tips for back pain relief  at your office –

1. I know how hard you work at office, but do not be glued to your chair for more than 45 minutes to one hour. Just get up and have a walk around once in an hour. So, Just get up once in a while.

2. While sitting,  keep your lower back firm, turn your shoulder and head to the right, almost 90 degrees to  your back and then to the left. remember to do it very very SLOWLY so that the back muscles get a good dose of stretching & relaxation.

3.  Always sit straight. Try doing that, very consciously. It distributes the weight of the upper body evenly over the lower body. It helps in uniform usage of all the muscles of your back, rather than, dumping your upper body weight over just one point in the back, causing excess strain followed by back pain and disc complications, causing a lot of trouble. If you are a believer in yoga and Shat chakras,  – Sitting straight helps in proper energy distribution and flow between all the six chakras of the back, keeping the back, healthy and strong.  Your concentration levels will be high if you sit straight.

4. While you are sitting straight, clamp (lock) the fingers of your hands to each other, raise the hands up, above your head, to the fullest, then slowly turn your palms to face upwards, release and return back to your normal posture.Repeat this five times an hour.

5. Get a good chair – which is neither too high – trouble to your thighs, nor too short, trouble to your low back and hips. Ideal position while sitting is – hips level just a bit higher to knee level and feet resting over ground.

6. While you are sitting and working, just take off your shoes / slippers. It unnecessarily strains your feet, leg, hip and your back. Just take them off and sit very relaxed.

7. This is quite a delicate tip. It is good, if your back is resting on the chair’s back, allowing you to sit straight. If it is not, then bring a thin pillow, place it  just behind your back. But like I said, it’s a delicate tip. The pillow should not be thick to push you forward. It should just be sufficient to keep your back straight. Keep in mind, it is just to support your back, not to push your back forward.

8. While sitting straight, bring both the palms near your ears. Deviate to the left (flexed right elbow will go up) and then deviate to right (flexed left elbow will go up) repeat it SLOWLY whenever possible, for as many times as you wish.

9. Keep the computer monitor  / laptop at your eye levels, or at least, you should not bent forward, to see the screen, as if you are going to fall over it anytime.  It helps to set yourself straight.

I know that you already knew many of these techniques, and come worst, it might have been a simple waste of time to read the full article. But please remember, knowing and doing are two different things. If you feel inspired to adopt just one technique among these, I will feel proud about this article.

Wish you a healthy back  🙂

Some simple herbal Ayurvedic medicines of use –

Arthorub ointment – to get rid of small time back muscle twitch. Just apply, gently rub, and forget.

Lumbaton soft gel capsules – to help strengthen the ligaments & tendons and to check bone and disc degeneration.  Dose – one capsule two times a day.

Lumbaton tablets – to get rid of back pain.  Dose – two tablets two times a day.

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