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Facial hairs in females is a common cause of cosmetic concern. While it is okay to go for some of the very famous facial hair removal techniques like waxing, bleaching, threading, electrolysis, laser  etc., there are a few cool  remedies for facial hair removal that you can try out at home.

1. Make a paste of besan powder (gram flour)  along with turmeric and apply it over the area, leave it on for fifteen minutes and then wash it off.
Turmeric is used in Indian tradition, by females to apply over the cheeks, because of its hair removal property.

2.  A mixture of gram flour, turmeric and mustard oil is used for scrubbing.

3. A paste of milk with turmeric, applied regularly over a period of time, helps .

4. Make a thin watery paste of wild turmeric. Rub it on the face for 15 minutes. Wash it off. Then make a paste of alum and rose water and apply it. Wash off after 30 minutes. Do this once or twice a week.

Does applying turmeric after epilation retard facial hair growth?
Yes, after epilation or hair removal treatment, it is good to apply turmeric powder over the face and leave it on for at least 10 – 15 minutes before washing it off. Apart from delaying facial hair re-growth, it also heals the skin lesions that may have  been caused during epilation.
To some extent, it is useful in retarding further facial hair growth, or at least delaying the same.
In ancient times, women used to apply turmeric over face for the same purpose.

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  1. There are a few oral medicines which can be tried to lessen the facial hair growth. The choice of medicine depends on age, underlying disease (if any), body type etc.

  2. Dear Doctor,
    South Indian married woman apply turmeric to their face and sometimes all over the body as a ritual. It is commonly believed that turmeric is good for skin as it protects the skin from infections, enhances the complexion and retards body and facial hair growth. Apart from this it has another advantage. Turmeric helps the body to produce progesterone which is a very important female hormone. Skin being the biggest organ of the body absorbs the nutrients from the turmeric applied on the skin and maintains the progesterone hormone balance in the body which is responsible for body hair. Women with proper progesterone balance have hardly any body hair. After menopause the production of progesterone in the body decreases due to which facial hair starts growing. There are various herbal medicines which can help woman maintain the hormonal balance. It is advisable to take them under Doctor’s supervision.

  3. Hi Doc,

    I have a doubt. if “hartal bhasm” is purified then why it’s not safe to use because purification will remove the poison (if done properly). Isn’t it ?

  4. Hi Doc,

    And about 2nd point – here are you talking about “Hartal (हरताल)
    Bhasm (also called – godanti)” or “Harital (हरिताल) Bhasm” ? I think both are different. Please correct me if I am wrong.


    • Because it contains Arsenic, it is not safe for people to use Hartal directly, without doctor’s advice.

    • Hi, purified Harital / Haratal bhasma – an arsenic compound is known to remove body hairs. But it may leave a stain mark on the skin and there are safety issues over topical use of haratala bhasma. Hence, not an ideal agent for long term use.

    ⦁ Take limestone and hartal warki in an equal amount and grind them well.
    ⦁ Put this mixture into an air tight jar .
    ⦁ First of all, you remove all your facial hair with wax or thread.
    ⦁ Then take limestone and hartal warki in an equal amount and add egg white in it and make a thick paste.
    ⦁ Apply this paste on your facial hair smoothly and leave it for 30 to 35 minutes.
    ⦁ Then remove it off with an applicator or knife.
    ⦁ At the end wash it with cold water.

    STEP #2:

    ⦁ Colchicum Bitter (Suranjan e Talkh),
    ⦁ Qust e Shirin or Qust-al-Bahri,

    ⦁ After that take suranjan e talkh and qust e shirin (Qust-al-Bahri) in equal amounts, grind both ingredients well.
    ⦁ Apply this powder on facial hair removal area daily for effective results.
    This is very common now a days
    Is it really useful without any side effects ?

  6. Mixture of hartal , shank bhasma and mansil remove hair permanent from face and is there any side effect of this ? Thanks

    • Usually no. But it can only be used under medical supervision. In some, it may leave a dark spot. Hartal should be used very carefully.

  7. I saw one vide on YouTube they said the mixture of these burns the roots of hair and I search on google it says same. Thanks

      • Thank you so much Dr.. Wild turmeric paste use kar rahi hu then alum and rose water paste 30minute tak. Hair zyada thick nh hai thin hai. Lekin visible hai. Without waxing apply kar rahi hu 15 days se nd hair thin ho k apne ap jhar raha hai. 4/6 week tak continue kru to hair dubara nahi ayega?

  8. Nascar Dr Ji, I am facing too much of heat problem and also frequent itching on the body. It will be great help to me if you suggest some solutions.

  9. Sir my mom is 45 years and she used hartal with lime stone and egg…but now she faces a lot of ichting and redness on face…plz tell me what we do now ..


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