KARKUNTAL – Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Karkuntal Ayurvedic hair oil is made from the nature’s best of herbs for hair care. Karkuntal is the best herbal hair oil.

Composition of Karkuntal 
Each 100 ml is composed of coconut oil medicated with
Swarasa (Juice) of
Indigofera tinctoria – Neelini (Natural herb to maintain the natural black colour of hair for a long period of time.)
Eclipta alba – Bhringaraja – A natural top quality hair protector
Emblica officinalis – Amalaki – nourishes the hair roots and helps in maintaining good quality of hair
Azadirachta indica – Nimba – fights against dandruff and hair root infections.
Milk – Ksheera
Coconut milk
Paste of
Glycyrrihiza glabra – Yashti
Abrus precatoris – Gunja

Mode of action
Promotes hair growth.
Prevents dandruff.
Controls Hair fall.
Corrects coarseness of hair.
Induces natural sleep.
May be used by patients with sinusitis too.

*Falling hair
*Coarseness of hair
*Premature greying
*To maintain healthy hair in totality

Apply KARKUNTAL to the scalp & gently massage, wait for an hour & wash it off with greengram or basan poweder.

100 ml, 200 ml bottle

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  1. Which oil is best for hair growth with dandruff and hairfall control.currently iam using dhurdhurpatradi hair oil


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