CERVILON Soft Gel Capsules – Pain Relief For Neck

Cervilon soft gel capsule is an effective herbal Indian Ayurvedic medicine for neck pain and problems such as cervical spondylosis, cervical injuries and related pain.


Cervical spondylosis with or without Radiculopathy, Myelopathy
Fibro-myalgia of the neck
Osteoarthritis of the facet joints

Doctors also use this for the treatment of
ulnar nerve entrapment
Migraine, headache
Tinnitus, Meniere’s disease

Mode of action


Each Soft Gel Capsule contains
Sesame oil – Tila tailam
Medicated with the Aqueous extract of
The ten roots – Dashamoolam
Sida retusa – Bala
Hordeum vulgare – Yava
Zizyphus jujube – Kola
Dolichos biflorus – Kulattha
Milk – Ksheera

Paste of
Group of sweet drugs – Madhura gana
Rock salt – Saindhava
Yellow resin – Sarjarasam
Vateria indica – Hima
Pinus longifolia – Sarala
Cedrus deodara – Devadaru
Rubia cordifolia – Manjistha
Ellettaria cardamomum – Ela
Trigonella foenum-graceum – Methika
Parmelia kamtschadalis – Saileya
Cinnamomum iners – Patra
Cassia tora – Tagara
Acorus calamus – Vaca
Peucedanum graveolens – Satahwa
Boerhaavia diffusa – Punarnava
Asparagus racemosus – Satavari

Cervilon corrects the dehydration in the intervertebral discs.
It thus arrests the degenerative changes of the cervical spine.
Cervilon helps to strengthen the para-vertebral muscles of the neck.
Cervilon helps to relieve myo-fascial spasm.
Cervilon also provides mild anti-inflammatory action.

Dosage, Presentation

In Acute conditions : 2-3 capsules thrice daily
As a Preventive : 2 capsules twice daily

90 capsules in a jar.

Difference from Yogaraja Guggulu

What is the difference between Cervilon and Yogaraj guggulu? They both are used for back pain, neck pain arthritis etc.

Cervilon capsule is specific to build back the vertebrae bones and vertebrae discs. It also soothes down the nerve irritation and hence relieves pain associated with neck pain, cervical spondylitis by a great extent.
Yogaraja guggulu largely helps in pain and swelling reduction. To a lesser extent, it also rejuvenates the discs, reduces nerve irritation and improves neck movement by relieving stiffness.
Some doctors prescribe Cervilon along with Yogaraja guggulu to counter neck pain, stiffness and at the same time to rejuvenate the discs and reverse spondylosis changes.
Read more about Yogaraj guggulu here

72 thoughts on “CERVILON Soft Gel Capsules – Pain Relief For Neck”

    • Lombatone soft gel capsule is a more specific medicine for lower back pain. Consulting your doctor is still a better idea.

  1. Cervilon does not have any effect over thyroid gland.
    But if you have neck pain, bodyache etc, cervilon might be of some use.

  2. Niargim is more like a pain killer.
    Cervilon balances Vata, and hence helps to reduce pain to some extent. But it is more rejuvenative in nature. It helps to rebuild the degenerated cervical disc.
    Niargim is relatively given for a shorter period of time. But Cervilon is usually given for a longer period because cell regeneration takes a longer period of time.
    Hope I am clear.

  3. what do you mean by short period? its given for two months. will it cause any harm to my health? is it good to continue?

      • Dear sir,i had since 1 year cervicle spine c2-c7.what tablets will be avalible for perminet solition.pls rply me.thank u.

        • Hi, administering Cervilon soft gel capsule for a period of 1 – 2 months have given good results in cervical spondylosis, for my patients.

  4. Better than self medicating, please consult an Ayurvedic doctor. This medicine alone might not be sufficient. It depends on the extent of damage.

  5. Instead of using English medicines which have side effects I believe it is better to go for Ayurveda or homeopathic treatment.

  6. I am suffereing from IVDP. and pain rediate to my both legs. Pl advice the cervelon softgel will help to cure this

    • Hi, more than cervilon, Lumbaton soft gel capsule might be correct medicine for you. Please consult your Ayurvedic doctor in person.
      Cervilon is more commonly used in neck bone problem (as in cervical spondylitis).

  7. Because cervilon also has nerve soothing effect, it brings down nerve irritaion and pain. Hence the doctor might have prescribed it to you. I suggest you to go ahead.

  8. sir what are the medicinel uses of sarvangavatha churnam. is it advisable for long use. can i use cervilon cap along with sarvangavatha churna

  9. Sir, I bought Cervilon oil, thinking it could be used for external application for Cervical Spondylitis. However it is mentioned application mode is “Oral”. How to consume the oil?

    • 10 drops, twice a day, before food, orally. After having this, drink a cup of warm water for better results.


    • Apply Mahanarayana oil to the neck and painful areas, 30 minutes before bath everyday. Consult an Ayurveda doctor for detailed examination and advice.

      • i can take cervilon capsule or any other medicines please prescribe. neck sound and stiffness are irritating me. kindly prescribe the medicines soon.

  11. Sir
    I had spine damage in C5 & C6 and underwent surgery. I have numbness in my last 2 fingers and palm of hand by the ulnar nerve. Also numbness of my right side feet big toe. Can this Cervilon capsules be effective for regeneration of my spine?

  12. I was recommended by a siddha doctor to have Cervilon and lumbatone since i have severe neck and back pain with sharp sparks throughout the body.

    I had a acute renal failure 2 years back and would like to know is there any side effects? I would like to be safe before risking things around. Kindly help me on this.

  13. Beware of spurious herbal medicines under the branded companies label which ultimately effect herbals as medicines.

  14. It is always better than the western medicine as it has side effects .But genuine Ayurvedic are to be made available with awareness .

  15. My mom has bone degeneration and nerve compression in c5 _ c6 cervical bone and numbness feeling in her hand and foot , feels giddiness always . Do this tablet have any side effects . Whether she can take this tablet. my neighbor told about this tablet. Before she was taking allopathy medicine and undergone cervical track treatment for 1 week.

  16. Using western medicine in the long run leads to side effects .Awareness to be created by all Ayurvedic institutions with the help of Govt and public institutions.

  17. Hello doctor, my brother had cervical spinal cord injurie by diving in swimming pool.Doctor suggest me Cervispon tablet can this medicine help for spinal cord healing?

  18. Hello Dr, my mom had cervical spondylosis ayurvedic doctor given CERVILON ,himalaya abana, reosto and neuron tablets, is there any side effects by these tablets
    Please give me your advice sir

  19. Sir, i want to contact with u regarding my queries, i am student i am in veey muxh pain and facial spasm after c5-c6 osteophyte) pls give me any contact no. where i can get this cervilon capsule that u prescribed me, my age is 28

  20. Can Cervilon be taken for ulnar nerve entrapment? I couldn’t see any article/medication in ayurveda regarding this disease? Dr., Can you please provide more details on this disease please?

  21. Haii sir c5c6c7 disc bulge im treatment panchakarma.also but no result how to cure my problem sir plz advice me

  22. Namaskaram Dr.
    How effective is Ayurvedic treatment in Ankylosing Spondylitis.
    What would be the different methods used?
    Thank you.

  23. Hi Dr.

    i have pain in the back mostly middle are, ribs area, dizziness, tinnitus, BP fluctuates, what can be the causes. i did do test doc advised Cervical spondylosis, is it caused due to that? did Ayurveda treatment as well for 15 days, having Cervilon 2 tab 3 times daily, pain is still occurring? what should we do more?
    Thanks you,

  24. Hi sir
    Recently I was diagnosed with cervilon spine disc dehydrated and my ulnar nerve getting compression.is there any permanent cure in ayurvedic and how long should I take capsules plz suggest me Thanking you sir in advance

  25. Is there any proof for this tablets results

    Like an MRI report of your patients who affected by disc dehydration before and after consuming this tablets

  26. in between Cervilon with Spondylon which one you think more effective. u already covered both medicines


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