ARTHORUB Cream – For Sprain Ligament, Sprain Tendon And Sprain Knee Injury

Arthorub – The Gentle Anti-inflammatory cream for Skeleto-muscular pain. Arthorub is available both in cream and liniment form. It helps in instant pain relief.

The ointment is made from – 
Pinda tailam
Kottamchhukkadi tailam
Sahacharadi tailam
Eucalyptus oil
Ointment base

Mode of action:
Pinda tailam helps relieve the pain and warmth in inflammation.
Kottamchukkadi tailam acts as an excellent anti-oedematous agent.
Sahacharadi tailam helps to relieve stiffness and helps in improving mobility.
Eucalyptus oil and Menthol act as counter-irritants and improve local circulation.

Arthorub Indications:
Sprain ligament, Sprain tendon, Sprain knee injury

Directions for use:
Apply to the affected parts liberally and massage gently onto the skin. Warmth applied before and after application enhances its action. Repeat as often as required.

Extremely gentle on the skin.
Does not produce burning sensation or irritation of the skin.

Presentation: Container of 30 gms.

4 thoughts on “ARTHORUB Cream – For Sprain Ligament, Sprain Tendon And Sprain Knee Injury”

  1. What does the Ayurveda say about fracture and sprain , strain treatments ? What can be done to speed up the muscle or bone healing ?

    • Ayurveda explains in great details about fracture and sprain. An article on this is coming up shortly.


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