Manomitram Tablets – All You Want To Know About

Manomitram tablet is a herbal product rich in antioxidants and is targeted towards improving mental functions like memory, concentration and to fight depression.


Each tablet contains –

Clitoria ternatea – Sankhapushpi

Withania somnifera – Ashwagandha

Asparagus racemosus – Shatavari

Bacopa monnieri – Brahmi

Mode of action:

Reduces anxiety & distraction

Helps increase concentration, grasping power, retention and memory

Absolutely safe even during pregnancy & lactation.

Especially recommended during pregnancy to augment foetal brain development.


Students: For improved academic performance, to improve their memory power.

Adults: Sub-clinical anxiety, tensions and worries.

Old age: to strengthen memory power

Women: Premenstrual syndrome, Post – Menopausal Syndrome

Pregnancy: * For augmenting the brain development of the Foetus

*As a Co-prescription along with


*Anti-epileptic drugs



One tablet (500 mg)  twice daily

23 thoughts on “Manomitram Tablets – All You Want To Know About”

    • First up, let me be very clear that it is not possible to compare two medicines without a clinical trial evaluation.
      This comparison is just based on the ingredients of the two products.

      Manomitram tablet has Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Shatavari and Shankhapushpi, It is a combination targeted towards body and mind, supply of anti oxidants and to relieve stress and thereby induce calmness to mind, to treat anxiety etc.

      Vedic calm capsule has – Brahmi, Shankapushpi, Tharuni (Rose), Kamala (lotus) and Mandukaparni. It is mainly targeted towards brain and to relieve anxiety, to induce calmness to mind and to relieve stress.
      Which one is better? A very difficult question to answer.
      I would chose Manomitram, if I think that patient needs physical and mental strength.
      I would chose Vedic calm, if I need to target only the brain and especially in Pitta body type patient.

    • Manomitram is a better combination than Ashwagandha, because, apart from Ashwagandha, it contains the other three powerful herbs.

  1. Have been having lack of sleep, not sure its because of tension or menopausal systems. someone recommended Vedic calm, is it okay to have? Acupressure doctor told me, I take too much tension and that could be the reason. Please assist.

  2. Hi Doctor,

    Is it okay to give manomitram to a diabetic (my mother), 64 years of age… Except last time, sugar was controlled well, preprandial 180 and postprandial 220.

  3. My doctor prescribed manomitram twice a day and ashwaganda powder with milk every night for depression /anxiety and stress. This is causing constipation. What to do?

  4. Hello Doctor,
    I am getting lot of relief from anxiety while taking Manomitram and when I stop I feel little anxiety after few days. Is it ok to continue taking Manomitram 1 tablet per day for a longer period, say 1 year? Will it have any other side effects?

  5. Hello Doctor, please let me know what is the difference between manomitram and Manasamitra Vatakam and which one is effective for treating anxiety disorder.


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