HERBOPLEX Tablets – All You Want To Know About

Herboplex tablets is a  herbal energy booster & anti-oxidant medication.


Dendrobium macrael – Jivanti

Asparagus racemosus – Satavari

Withania somnifera – Aswagandha

Hemidesmus indicus – Sariba

Phaseolus trilobus – Mudgaparni

Atylosia barbata – Mashaparni

Tinospora cordifolia – Amruta

Ipomoea digitata – Vidari

Glycyrrihiza glabra – Yashtimadhu
Mode of action

Restores energy levels.

Fights fatigue

Revitalises & Rejuvenates.

Corrects nervous weakness.

Speeds up convalescence after illness or surgery.

Builds up resistance.

Very good anti-oxidant.


*General fatigue and lack of energy


*For persons who are on



*Lipid-lowering agents


1-2 tablets once daily.


90 tablets in a jar.

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