Gynaeven Tablets

Gynaeven tablets Composition

Each tablet is made from medicaments consisting of a traditional formulation- Sukumaram kashayam, Saraca indica (Asoka) and incinerated Pravalabhasmam.

Gynaeven Mode of action

This combination effectively normalizes the underlying hormonal imbalances and helps to restore normal ovulation leading to regularization of menstrual cycles.

Gynaeven Indications

Female infertility

Dosage – 2 tablets thrice daily

Presentation – 90 tablets in a jar.

2 thoughts on “Gynaeven Tablets”

  1. hi i m taking now Gynaeven tablets thrice a day 2tablets each

    I been prescribed for tube block by water

    Also i been told to take sukumaram nad kalyanaka n ashokarishtam. hope this will help the readers.


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