Simple Tips To Improve Memory And Fight Memory Loss

Memory loss is a common problem faced by people across all age groups. Sometimes it leads to disasters in our lives. Fight memory loss with these effective tips.
Here are a few memory improvement tips and to fight memory loss –

In the beginning, start writing down the daily goals, priority wise. And keep the paper chit with you all the time.

Ghee improves memory power – Shasyate Dhee smruti medha agnikaanskhinaam Ghritam.  – For people seeking memory power, intelligence and digestive power, ghee is the best.

Ghee is a wonderful adjuvant. When herbal products to improve memory etc are advised, they should be taken with ghee, because lipid soluble herbal constituents cross the blood-brain barrier easily, to bring about the desired action at the level of the brain. Even in normal circumstances, a little bit of ghee (say half spoon per day), included in your diet will be great. Since the quantity is less, there will not be any issues regarding lipid level increase.


Organize work schedule – Suppose you have to do a phone call to your friend, who is in hospital, bring vegetables from the market for cooking, check the emails and also have to buy a movie ticket online. Then the correct order will be calling your friend first, (it is important to get together with your ailing mates), bring vegetables from the market (it is important to have lots of vegetables in your diet), then sit down to check emails, along with that you can buy the tickets. (it’s equally important to have relaxation you see!)
Pranayama for at least three minutes. It is one of the sure shot memory boosters that I usually successfully prescribe to my clients!

Milk is another memory booster according to Ayurveda.
Playing memory games, sudoku, chess etc helps.
Regular exercise schedule also aids in proper blood circulation and energy supply to all parts of the body, so it also helps.

If you want to memorize an answer or a paragraph, reading it loud helps. Because, information enters your brain through your ears.

If you are having a problem with memory, please do not curse yourself or unnecessarily check your memory power by trying to remember something. It hurts your self-belief, creating negative energy. In case you forgot something, say to yourself – “that is ok, better luck and efforts next time” and move on positively.
Include fruits, fruit juices, almonds and vegetables in your diet. It gives sufficient nutrition to the brain and is Satwic in nature.

Breakfast can be a bit heavy, so also the lunch. But night dinner should be light and more with fibrous materials. Because, at night, the digestive process will be slow. And may lead to indigestion. Ayurveda Says Agni –  digestive power and memory are related to each other.

Sadhaka pitta is a type of pitta, which resides in the brain and heart. And is related to will power, memory etc. Pitta and Agni are very closely related. So, memory and digestive powers are linked according to Ayurveda.
So, proper diet plan also helps.

Brahmi (bacopa monneiri), Shankapushpi Clitoria ternatea), Shatavari (Asperagus racemosus) an Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) are a group of herbs having excellent antioxidants, and immunomodulatory properties. Many research studies show the role of these herbs in improving memory power.

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