Conch shell (Shankha) Shodhana, Marana, Properties, Dosage

We come across references of many calcium rich substances used in the preparation of many Ayurvedic medicines. Shankha or conch is one among them and used in the treatment of many diseases, especially pertaining to gastric complaints. Introduction Conch is a marine mollusc with a spiral shell. A number of different species of sea snails … Read more

Serpentine (Nagapashana) Properties, Shodhana, Marana, Dosage

Serpentine is called Nagapashan in Ayurveda. It is a hydrous silicate of Magnesium and is an important mineral used in Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals. It is a yellowish white stone which is shiny and light in nature. Introduction Serpentine is called as Naga pashana in Ayurveda. It is a hridya dravya, i.e., cardiotonic. It is often used … Read more

Oyster shell (Shukti) Properties, Uses, Indications, Dosage, Remedies

Ayurveda – Rasashastra has described many animal sources of calcium including marine origin. Oyster is one among them and used extensively in Ayurvedic treatment after proper purification. It is often called Pearl Oyster. Introduction Oyster is the common name of some marine organisms which include different families of molluscs. The shells of these organisms are … Read more

Polycythemia Ayurveda Understanding

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.SPolycythemia means increase in the number of red blood cells in the body. Here the hemoglobin concentration is elevated in the peripheral blood. Various perspectives of understanding Polycythemia through Ayurveda A. Ayurveda understanding by definition of polycythemia Rakta Vriddhi – Polycythemia can be translated to ‘rakta … Read more

Deer antler (Mrigashringa) Properties, Uses, Indications, Dosage, Remedies

Ayurveda therapeutics include medicines prepared out of herbs, minerals and animal products. Deer antler is one among the animal products which is commonly used in the treatment of heart diseases, asthma, heartburn, gastric pain, abdominal colic etc. Introduction Deer antler or Mrigashringa – as name suggests it is the horn of an animal called Krishna … Read more

Godanti (Gypsum) Shodhana, Marana, Properties, Indications, Dosage

Gypsum or Godanti is a mineral used in Ayurvedic therapeutics. It is white in color and appears like the teeth of a cow (go), when a stroke is given to its plaque, hence the name Godanti. Introduction Gypsum or godanti is a white or gray soft mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate.Chemical formula CaSO4·2H2O.It is … Read more

Chalk Powder (Khatika) Properties, Uses, Indications, Dosage, Remedies

There is a famous saying in Charaka Samhita, that all the objects on earth can be used as medicine. Chalk powder is no exception to that. In Ayurveda, Chalk is explained as Khatika and is used extensively in treatment. Introduction Chalk or Khatika is a special type of sedimentary white, tasteless rock. It’s a form … Read more

Rhomboid Pain Ayurveda Understanding And Management

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.SRhomboid pain is a condition in which the pain is manifested in the rhomboid muscles located on either side of our spine. These muscles help in stability of shoulder blade, help in throwing and pulling things, to rotate our torso, to move our arm over the … Read more

Mana Paribhasha: Ayurvedic System of Weights and Measures

Ayurveda has its own system of measurement, under the title “Mana Paribhasha”. The word mana means to measure. Mana is nothing but a system of measurement which includes height, weight, volume, length, capacity etc. Importance of Mana ‘Mana’ is measurement, through which weight, volume, length etc. are measured. न मानेन विना युक्तिर्द्रव्याणां जायते क्वचित् ।अतः … Read more

Bhavana Samskara – Grinding or Trituration Till Dryness

In Ayurveda, plants, metals, minerals, animal-origin materials and many other natural products are used in the treatment. While preparing medicines, often we see that some liquids are used for grinding herbal / metallic powders. This is used in various conditions such as tablet preparation, purification of metals, minerals etc. Bhavana is the process in which … Read more

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