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Dr MB Gururaja BAMS MD (Ayu) is a professor, Ayurveda and Panchakarma practitioner and a guide to many Ayruveda doctors, including Dr JV Hebbar.
Dr MB Gururaja has more than 21 years of clinical and academic experience.
He practices in Dhavala Pentacare Ayurveda Shivamogga, Karnataka

Treated Cases

Mode of consultation –
Direct consultation in Shivamogga – Details here

Video consultation through google meet / zoom
How it works?
Pay the fee below. Set up a video meeting with Dr MB Gururaja
Dr MB Gururaja will send his recommendations in the form of an email, after the video consultation.
If you still have doubts, you can get the doubts clarified by email for one time.
His email id
[email protected] 

Fee for video consultation with Dr MB Gururaja BAMS, MD(Ayu)
Rs 2,000 / 50 USD for 30 minutes

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Disclaimer regarding my email consultation:
1. Email / skype consultation has many disadvantages and is inferior when compared to a direct doctor’s consultation.
2. It is strongly suggested to verify advice with your doctor before starting off with Dr Gururaja’s email / video advice. Dr Gururaja or any person associated with this website is not responsible for any untoward health incident that may occur by following his advice.
3. If you have any doubts with Dr Gururaja’s advice, please get them clarified with him, before starting to follow the advice.
4. Dr Gururaja’s health advice are just suggestions and are not a doctor’s prescription. The statements that he makes are not approved by FDA. They are not substitutes for direct consultation with your doctor. Read more here

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