Sugandhika (Spinel): Qualities, Shodhana, Marana, Dose

Sugandhika is very hard, transparent sstome. It is usually found in the Mines of Manikya and Neelam. It is available in different colours like white, green, yellowish white, deep green, rose, blue etc. It is a compound of Magnesium, Aluminium and Oxygen with traces of Iron. Synonym of Sugandhika Saugandhika, Sugandhika, Mrudula, Naram, Kangavisha. Relative … Read more

Sooryakanta (Sunstone): Qualities, Shodhana, Marana, Dose

Sooryakanta belogs to the Sphatika type. It has a shine similar to a glass, white in colour, yields fire on continuous exposure to Sunlight. It is a compound of Sodium, Aluminium, Silicon and Oxygen. Relative density is 2.5 and Hardness 5.5 Synonyms Sooryakant Suryakanta, tapanamani, Deeptopala, Rudikanta, Agnigarbha, Jwalanaashma, Arkopala, Taapana. Suryakanta Availability Myanmar, Norway … Read more

Rudhira (Carnelian): Qualities, Shodhana, Marana, Dose

Rudhira is reddish in colur, shining stone. It is found in the mines of Manikya. It has Silica, Iron and Aluminium. It is as clear as diamond, heavy. Specific gravity – 2.6. Hardness 6.7 – 7. Synonyms of Rudhira Rudhira, Rudhirakhya. Availability In Krushna, Godavari and Bheema rivers, jabalpur, raajpeepala, Sindhubi, Vindhyachal Pradesh, Himalaya, Europe, … Read more

Palanka (Garnet): Qualities, Shodhana, Marana, Dose

It is of reddish white colour or rose coloured. It is a compound of Magnesium, Aluminium, Oxygen and Silicon with traces of Iron. Synonyms of Palank Yakut Chunadi pattar Availability of Palanka Bihar, Orissa, Madras, Hyderabad, Rajasthan. Palank Qualities Samasheetoshna, Snigdha, madhura, Lavara rasa, Hrudya, Raktashodhaka and Raktavardhaka. Useful in diseases like Pandu, Raktavikara, Sheetapitta, … Read more

Vyomashma (Jade): Shodhana, Marana, Qualities, Dose

Vyomashma has a green colour. It’s Pishti is widely used. According to Bouddha religion, it is considered as Prasada of Lord Buddha. It is usually worn for a good relationship between couples. Specific gravity is 3.54 and hardness 7. Synonyms of Vyomashm Vyomashma, Yashabshila, Harinmani, Haritashma, Sange yashab, Houladil. Availability of Vyomashma Jarkhand, Ladakh, Kashmir, … Read more

Sphatikamani (Rock Crystal): Qualities, Shodhana, Marana, Dose

Sphatika mani is cubical, having 6 surfaces, and smooth. It can cut through the glass on rubbing. It is white in colour, but is available in different colours also. It is a compound of Aluminium and Silica. Specific gravity 2.3 – 2.8 and hardness 7. It is used to Make Shiva Linga. Synonyms Sphatika, Sphitopala, … Read more

Pairojaka (Turquoise): Types, Qualitis, Shodhana, Marana, Dose

Pairojaka has white – greenish colour. In yester centuries, Turky was known as Paroj desha. Due to its abundance in Paroj desha, the name Pairojakam was given to it. Its colour is unstable and changes with time. It is porous, dirty in nature. It is a compound of Aluminimum, iron and Copper. Specific gravity 2.74 … Read more

Rajavarta (Lapis Lazuli): Types, Qualities, Shodhana, Marana, Dosage

Rajavarta is a famous Uparatna. It is useful to mitigate the effects of Shanigraha. It is also made artificially. It changes its colour during summer. Relative density 2.38 and Hardness 5.5> Synonyms of Rajavarta Rajavarta, Nrupavarta, Avarta, Neelashma, Nrupopala, Avartamani. Availability Afghanistan, Russia, Germany, Myanmar, Ajmer and Kashmir of India. Types of Rajavart 1. Choornaroopaka … Read more

Chandrakanta (Moon Stone): Qualities, Shodhana, Marana, Dose

Chandrakanta is a type of Sphatika. It yields water if kept under Moon light. T is a compound of Sodium, Aluminium, Silica and Oxygen. Relative density is 2.5 and hardness is 6. Synonyms of Chandrakant Chandrakanta, Sheetaashma, Chandramani, Shashikanta, Sosrvopala, Chandropala Availability Lanka and Myanmar. Suitable characters स्निग्धं शीतं पीतमत्रासमन्तर्धत्ते चित्ते स्वच्छतां यन्मुनीनाम ।यच्च स्रावं … Read more

Ratna (Gemstones): Introduction, Types, Qualities

Ratnas or Gems are the precious stones which symbolize wealth and power. Gems are commonly used in the preparation of jewelleries. But in Rasashastra ratnas or gems are being used for medicinal purposes after proper purification properties. Introduction Gems are used extensively in Ayurvedic medicines. Gems are called Ratna. The term Ratna is coined due … Read more

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