Chikkani Centipeda minima / orbicularis Remedies: Sinusitis, Toothache

This article is written by Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD.
Nakachikhani – Centipeda minima / orbicularis is not commonly used in Ayurveda but has unique usage in the treatment of headache, cough, cold, rhinitis, throat irritation, nasal congestion, recurrent rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis etc. 


Botanical nameCentipeda orbicularis Lour. Centipeda minima is another variant, identified as same.
Compositae family.
Sanskrit names – Chikkani, kshava krit, chikkika, ghranadukhada etc. Usually it is available in damp surfaces of the land.
Part used – seeds, flowers, leaves and roots.

Myrioginin is the important chemical constituent with anti histaminic, anti tussive and expectorant properties. Leaves are anti inflammatory and anti-arthritic.

Chikkika has pungent taste, hot potency and pungent bio- transformation (katu vipaka).
The seeds, roots and leaves are deep penetrative, hot and minute channel propogating in nature.

Chikkani has the ability to pacify Vata and Rakta related problems. In worm infestation, indigestion and skin diseases it has established its use.
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Home remedies

Following are some of its simple and effective remedies-

Headache, cold

Fresh juice of the leaf in partial headache and in severe cold :
Freshly collected leaves are made into fine paste and juice is extracted. 1-2 drop of this leaf juice is used as nose drops, on empty stomach. This is effective in headache and severe cold.

Throat pain, mumps

Fine paste with black pepper – application in throat pain and mumps:
Centipeda minima and black pepper are taken in equal amount and fine powder/paste is made. This is applied to the throat /neck from outside; to the cheeks in mumps. 3-5 days medication gives significant benefits.

Worm infestation

Seed powder for worm infestation:
Fine powder of the seeds or hot infusion is used in the treatment of intestinal worms.

Tooth ache

Fine powder or paste of the flower or leaf for tooth ache:
In case of toothache and dental carries, fine powder or leaves / flower paste is applied along with a piece of salt.

Sneezing, nasal congestion

Root or seed powder for sneezing and nasal congestion:
Fine powder of roots or seeds is used to snuff or to take 2-3 puff by adding/dusting over the fire. This helps to relieve nasal congestion and rhinitis and sneezing.

Today we find a lot of inhalers, broncho-dilators, snuffs for the treatment respiratory disorders. But such an idea was used with Chikkani seeds, hundreds of years back.
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