Jatamansi Home Remedies: Sleep, Vertigo, Hair Growth

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD


Jatamansi is an Ayurvedic herb used for the treatment of psychological disorders, insomnia, etc. This is plant is not found in all geographical area; in India especially it can be found in Kashmir. Or else in Nepal also this is found naturally. Usually it grows at the height of 2000-6000 meters.

The roots of the plant are used for preparing medicines and they appear shaggy with fragrance. Jatamamsin is the active constituent of the plant and it is a volatile oil with very strong smell.

The roots are cooling in nature and pacify Pitta dosha.
In North India, it is used as Bhootaghna, and they keep it beneath the bed of the young children so as to prevent evil spirits.
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Mamsyadi kwatha, Rakshoghna ghrita, Rakshoghna dhoopa, Mamsyadi ghanavati etc are the formulations of Jathamamsi.

Home remedies

Some of the simple remedies and their health benefits are mentioned here below-

Insomnia, hair growth

1. Jathamamsi root oil for insomnia, hair growth, burning of the scalp etc:
Jatamamsi roots are soaked in sesame oil for a day. Next day morning, it is made into paste and cooked with sesame oil and equal amount of decoction of the roots or water as media, in mild intensity of heat till complete evaporation of moisture content. This is filtered and stored.
This oil is applied to the scalp in cases like loss of sleep, hair fall, burning of the scalp etc.

Sleep disturbance

2. Root powder of Jatamamsi with Khurasani yavani (Hyocymus niger Linn) seed powder for sleep disturbance:
Equal amount of Jatamamsi and Khurasani oma are taken and fine powder is made. This is administered in the dose of 2-3 gram twice daily, especially during night time along with water.
This helps to get quality sleep.

Stress, hallucination

3. Jatamamsi decoction in stress, confusion, hallucination, vertigo etc:
20 gram of jatamamsi roots are taken and boiled with 200 ml of water and reduced to 50 ml. This is used on filtering during bed time. This is very effective in the conditions like stress, confusion, hallucination, vertigo etc.

Headache, burning sensation of scalp

4. Root powder paste along with butter –application to the scalp for head ache and burning of the scalp:
Dry roots are taken and rubbed well with ghee. To this little butter is mixed and applied to the middle of the scalp. This helps to reduce the burning of the head and relieve stress head ache.
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