Aging Gracefully – The Real Secrets To Stay Young

This is a guest post by Ms Carol Hardin.

Aging is inevitable. As the youthful years descend, the shadow of misery and pain of old age starts taking toll on the mind. The most visible signs of aging are the ones that appear on your face. Live long and look attractive is what almost everybody desires. So why not make aging a happy and graceful experience and wear on the youthful look!

Look youthful- Everybody wants to know the secrets of a forever young beauty. Nonetheless, one’s favorite on screen stars appeal and attractiveness even much beyond their ages is a motivating force behind it. Is it really possible to possess that tight, flawless complexion even through the aging years? The answer is splendidly a yes! It just takes a few simple tips and tricks to keep those ugly wrinkles away.

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is- have a daily skincare regime for yourself. There is no fixed time when those awful lines and spots might appear on your face, so a proper skin care regime should start as early as possible; without waiting for appearance of aging signs. Many factors cause skin to show fine lines & spots untimely, even in early twenties.

 Secret Tips To Anti Aging
1)Well-Balanced Eating: Consumption of a well balanced diet with intake of fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

2) Physical Workout: Exercises and physical activity is essential to stay fit. Experts say that aerobic exercises slow down aging process.

3) Intake of Antioxidants: Antioxidants are helpful in neutralizing the effect that free radicals have in the aging process.

4) Use Natural Anti Aging Agents: Many natural substances contribute to anti aging because of their essential properties. One such natural anti aging agent is Coconut oil. Consume 3 – 4 tbsp daily or massage it onto your skin before bathing for a forever young appearance.

5) Effective Sun Block Application: Before moving out in the sun, it is necessary to dab on a sunscreen with good SPF formula. The harmful rays of the sun can damage the skin on cloudy days as well.

6) Moisturizing: Skin looks healthy and supple if it is nourished well with the right amount of moisture. Winds, especially during fall and winters, steal the skin’s moisture. So, a change in season should be complimented by a change in skin care products as well.

7) Use Skin Cream: If those aging signs already have you in their grip, use a good anti aging cream to get rid of them.

These are some basic tips that can help you age beautifully, youthfully and gracefully. Here is a beautiful line written by Françoise Sagan that interrelate beauty & aging in the most incredible manner, “There is a certain age when a woman must be beautiful to be loved, and then there comes a time when she must be loved to be beautiful.”

5 thoughts on “Aging Gracefully – The Real Secrets To Stay Young”

  1. Last lines are wonderful of Francoise Sagan.

    Dr Hebaar, can you suggest any natural ayurvedic forms of sunscreen. All suncreens are chemically loaded even though some claim to be herbal.

    • Dr Hebbar, Thank you for you quick reply.I have oily acne prone skin. Will this oil make it look more oily or greasy or cause more break outs? After how many hours will I have to repeat it again.

    CAN ORDER FROM BIG BASKET( in India) and make its pulp and freeze in small small bottles and thaw and use refrigerated for two or three days at a time— all my experience.


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