Ayurvedic Herbal Smoking

Ayurvedic herbal smoking is one among the very effective Ayurvedic practices. There are three types of herbal smoking. These three types are explained based on the  strength of the herbal ingredients. Out of these three types, one should be practiced daily. This is called as ‘Prayogika’.

Herbal smoking is explained in Ayurveda as ‘Dhoomapana’. It is prepared using herbal smoking blends such as cinnamon, ginger, etc. Ayurvedic smoking is very safe and different from nicotine / tobacco smoking.

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1. In Ayurvedic terms, it is very beneficial in balancing Kapha.
2. It helps to clear the nose and throat of any sputum.
3. It is very beneficial in problems such as running nose, cough, allergic conditions, blocked nose etc.
4. It is also effective in cases like headache, heaviness, etc.
5. Overall, it is good for maintaining a healthy respiratory system.
6. Quit smoking remedies: It can be done multiple times a day. So, it can be an alternative for regular smoking. Hence it is one of the ways to quit smoking.


How to do herbal smoking?

The herbal smoke should be taken in through the nose and left out either through the nose or mouth.

The herbal smoke should not be taken in by mouth and left out through the nose.

There are two methods that can be followed –

1. Candle method – While subjecting it to a candle, care should be taken not to burn the wick. If it burns, it will emit carbon dioxide, which is bad for health.

Once the end of the wick is heated, it is used. Watch the video here –

2. Heating method –

Take the wick in a bowl. Heat it very mildly and inhale the smoke.  Take care not to burn the wick.
watch the video here –


How long to continue – for 3 – 5 minutes

Warning: In case of those having allergy to smoke, or in asthma patients, caution has to be exercised, the herbal smoke may trigger an attack.

Where is the Ayurvedic herbal smoke wick available?
We have prepared a few wicks for personal use. Contact me to get it.

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