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List of classes

Nutrition, Ayurvedic cooking, Ingredients, Dietetics
295. Paneer and Milk Products
305. Dahi Vada | Bone Spurs | Excess Cortisol | Grains and Fruits | Pressure Induced Injury
258. Millets As per Ashtanga Hrudayam – Benefits, Usage, Contra Indications
260. Cereals, Legumes and Pulses As Per Ashtanga Hrudaya Chapter 6
263. Chickpea, Cowpea, Horse Gram, Flat Bean – As Per Master Vagbhata
265. Black Gram Uses, Remedies, Recipes
271. Cooked Rice, Soups and Juices as per Ashtanga Hrudayam
273. Sattu, Roasted Flours, Fried Paddy, food mixed medicines, meat debate
2. Ghee Uses, Remedies, contra indications
240. 100 times washed ghee – Shata dhauta ghrita
35. Honey – uses, wrong food combinations, side effects
199. Buttermilk Benefits, Side Effects, Remedies
104. Sushruta’s Description Of Oils
108. Rice Washed Water, Pramathya, Examples Of Herbal Teas, juice extract
110. Milk Types, Benefits, Research
147. Mustard Seed, Oil Uses, Remedies
143. Rice Types, Benefits, Cooked Rice Preparations
156. Classification of Fats based on Taste, Dose, Potency
175. Types of fats, salts, milks, urine as per Charaka
179. Fruit smoothies – Mantha – Traditional, Recipes
279. Grapes, Raisins – Benefits, Side Effects, Research
281. Resveratrol, Pomegranate, Orange and Mango Benefits
184. Fats Cooking Type, Dose – Sneha Paka Bheda
250. Ashtanga Hrudaya, Sutrasthana 5th Chapter – Liquid foods – Part 1
252. Ashtanga Hrudayam Sutrasthana 5th Chapter – Part 2 – Dairy and Sugarcane Products
253. Ashtanga Hrudayam Sutrasthana 5th Chapter – Part 3 – Honey, Oils, Alcohol
256. Ashtanga Hrudaya Sutrasthana 6th chapter – Part – 1 Rice Types, Qualities
289. Wrong Food Combinations as per Ayurveda
291. Bad Food Combinations with Fruits
293. Bad Food Combinations – Part 3
299. Honey + Ghee, Treatment for Wrong food Combinations
307. Right Quantity of Food | Anti Aging Herbs, Menstruation – Tridosha
309. Right amount of food, Heavy and Light Foods – Ashtanga Sutrasthana 8th chapter

Mind, brain, spirituality
3. Mind power, Concentration – meditation for mind power
9. Meditation – How to do, demo.
10. Sleep better Herbs, lifestyle tips and remedies.
12. Brahmacharya – Celibacy, Uses, Herbs to help, Rules to Follow
15. Stress – Causes, symptoms, remedies
53. Darshana Philosophies – Introduction
83. Herbs For Good Sleep
95. Memory And Sleep in Elders
97. Three Pillars Of Life – Food, Sleep, Celibacy
102. Ari Shad Varga – Six Mental Enemies
109. Tris Eshana – Three Basic Desires Of Human Beings
132. Mental traits – Manasa Prakruti
148. Ayurvedic Introduction To Mind
155. Types of Mind, Doshas of Mind
159. 24 Factors of Human Origin
181. Samkhya Darshana – Introduction, Ayurveda Relation
196. Vaisheshika Darshana – Introduction, Ayurveda Relation
224. Sadvrutta – Code Of Conduct – Body, Speech and Mind

20. Vata Dosha – Introduction, Qualities, Places of Dominance, How to balance?
22. Pitta Dosha – Introduction, Qualities, Places of Dominance, Functions
24. Kapha Dosha – Introduction, Qualities, Places of Dominance, Functions
26. Vata Dosha – Types, dominant places and times, relationship with mind
337. Understanding Doshas, Vata Functions – Video + Notes
339. Functions of Vata Dosha as per Vagbhata, Applied Aspects
341. Functions of Vata and Pitta Doshas as per Acharya Vagbhata
28. Pitta Dosha – Types, dominant places and times, relationship with mind
29. Kapha Dosha – Types, dominant places and times, relationship with mind
343. Functions of Pitta and Kapha Dosha, Applied Aspects
30. Prakruti – Dosha Body Type Features – Master Sushruta
31. Prakruti – Dosha Body Type Features – Master Charaka
32. Prakruti analysis, interpretation, how to balance?
52. Prakruti – Body Type Features As Per Vagbhata (Ashtanga Hrudaya)
154. Kapha Prakriti And Probability Of Disease
43. Vata Imbalance Causes: Increase and Decrease
44. Pitta Imbalance Causes: Increase and Decrease
45. Kapha Imbalance Causes: Increase and Decrease
46. Vata Imbalance Symptoms: Increase and Decrease
47. Pitta Imbalance Symptoms: Increase and Decrease
48. Kapha Imbalance Symptoms: Increase and Decrease
163. Ojas, Immunity In Vata and Pitta Body Types
72. Classification Of Herbs Based On Tridosha
169. Doshas – Taste Relationship as per Master Charaka
183. Vata Balancing Strategies of Vagbhata
185. Sneha (Oils and fats), Detox Therapies for Vata Balance
189. Vata Balancing Tastes And Qualities
301. Vata Dosha – Weight Loss, Seasonal Change, AntiAging Herbs
192. Unctuousness and Hotness For Vata Balance
207. Pitta Balancing Strategies, Therapies, Herbs, Yoga, Pranayama, Mudra
208. Kapha Balancing Strategies, Therapies, Herbs, Yoga, Pranayama, Mudra

Basic Principles
160 – 161 – Origin of Ayurveda, Trisutra
164-165 Theory of Similarity, Differences, Qualities – Master Charaka
94. Legacy and Contributions Of Sushruta Samhita
101. Charaka Samhita – Introduction, Chapter Description, Importance
107. Ashtanga Hrudayam – Legacy, Contributions
210. Ashtanga Hrudaya Sutrasthana – 1st chapter
242. Ashtanga hrudayam Sutrasthana 4th Chapter – Dr JV Hebbar
87. Ayurveda Through Ages – Chronological Development
81. Ayurveda Introduction To Beginners
36. Dhatu: Body Tissues As Explained In Ayurveda
37. Ojas: Causes Of Decrease, How To Increase?
329. Tastes Introduction as per Acharya Vagbhata
41. Tastes; Types, Benefits
331. Applied Aspects of Sweet, Sour and Salt Tastes, 333. Bitter taste 335. Pungent, Astringent
50. Dhatu – Tissues Increase And Decrease Symptoms
70. Rasa Dhatu – Physiology, Pathology, Treatment Principles
320. Rasa Dhatu Decrease Pathologies – Treatment Principles – Dr JV Hebbar
322. Rasa dhatu increase, vitiation – Treatment Principles, Examples
63. Dhatu Dushti – Vitiation of Dhatus by multiple Doshas, Symptoms
325. Dravya, Rasa, Veerya as per Acharya Vagbhata
54. Sweet and Sour Tastes – Benefits, Side Effects
55. Salt And Spicy Tastes – Benefits, Side Effects
56. Bitter And Astringent Tastes – Benefits, Side Effects
58. Srotas – Body Channels
61. Agni – Concept of digestion and Metabolism in Ayurveda
67. Upadhatu – Sub-Tissues Of The Body – Importance, Functions
73. Malas – Waste Products Of The Body
75. Rakta Dhatu – Blood Tissue Explanation
78. Dhatu Sara Purusha – Body Types Based On Tissues
80. Mamsa Dhatu – Muscle Tissue
86. Medo Dhatu – Fat tissues Of The Body
91. Asthi Dhatu – Bone Tissue
93. How To Introduce Ayurvedic Herbs To Beginners?
100. Majja Dhatu introduction, channels, imbalance, treatment
106. Shukra Dhatu – Reproductive System – Anatomy, Physiology
141. 4 limbs of treatment – Chikitsa Chatushpada
145. Easy-To-Cure Disease As Per Master Vagbhata
149. Agni – Definition, Introduction
153. Deeper Understanding Of Agni
158. How to Examine Agni – Digestion Strength?
166. Process of Digestion
170. Theories (Nyaya) Related to Digestion
171. Relationship between Doshas and Digestive Fire – Dr JV Hebbar
177. Relationship between Doshas and Digestive Fire – continued
188. High Dose Of Fats – Indication, Uses Uttama Matra Sneha
190. Unctuous Quality For Vata Balance

Ayurveda For Daily Life

319. Rules for having meals
321. Daily Foods and Bad Foods, Co Drinks, Right Quantity
42. Rules For Water Consumption
228. Healthy Daily Regimen As Per Master Vagbhata – Ashtanga Hrudaya 2nd Chapter
238. Seasonal Regimen – Ashtanga Hrudayam 3rd Chapter – Ritucharya
230. Personal Hygiene – Bathing, Powder Massage, Healthy Conduct
39. Winter woes, Ayurvedic regimen
122. Autumn Season Healthy Regimen And Diet
232. Summer Regimen – Diet and Lifestyle
234. Spring Season Healthy Regimen – Vasanta Rutucaharya
236. Raining Season Regimen – Early Enthusiasm – Spirituality
127. Oral Care – oil pulling, tooth brushing
129. Urges That Should Not Be Suppressed – Adharaneeya Vegas
200. Exercise Benefits, Contra Indications
201. Exercise As Per Body Type, Supplements

303. Food, Sleep, Celibacy – Traya Upastambha, Microwave ovens

Ayurvedic herbs
206. Gems in Ayurveda Treatment
275. Onion and Garlic Uses, Remedies, Side Effects
277. Carrot, Bitter gourd, Brinjal, Spinach
283. Spices, Triphala, Trikatu, Dashamoola – as per Ashtanga Hrudayam
4. Amla benefits, remedies, side effects
11. Guduchi – Most under-rated Ayurvedic medicinal herb
13. Ashwagandha – Benefits, Ayurvedic Usage, Remedies, Research
17. Ginger Usage, Benefits, Side Effects, Remedies
19. Black pepper Uses, Remedies, Side Effects
21. Turmeric Uses, Remedies, Side Effects
23. Tulsi Benefits, Side Effects, Remedies
27. Pippali – Long pepper – Uses, Remedies, Side Effects
38. Ashwagandha remedies for male disorders
62. Guggulu – purification, Benefits, Remedies
267. Sesame Seed Benefits, Clinical Uses
98. Horse Gram Uses, Indication, Remedies, Side Effects
269. Flaxseed, Cooking Rice and Cereals
105. Indian Senna and Babool – Benefits, Research, Remedies
113. Hadjod – Sugarcane Uses, Research, Remedies- Dr JV Hebbar
203. Bilva, Agnimantha – Uses, Remedies

Diseases and treatment
223. Depression – Ayurvedic Concepts, Dosha Imbalance
225. Depression – Prakriti Relation, Classification, Genetics, Neuro-Biology, Co-morbidities, Psycho-Social Factors
227. Depression – Modern Aspects, Ayurvedic Therapies
229. Depression – Neuro-Transmitters, Massage
231. Diet Lifestyle For Depression
233. Depression in Women
235. Healing Depression With Spirituality
237. Counselling For Depression
239. Depression – Counselling – Part 2 – Dr JV Hebbar
241. Ayurvedic Therapies, Medicines, Herbs For Depression
268. Ear Anatomy, Introduction to Ear Diseases
270. Ear Disorders, Tinnitus

272. Tinnitus and Ear Disorders, Symptoms, Treatment, Medicines
274. Nose anatomy, Introduction to Nasal Disorders
276. Pratishyaya (Rhinitis) Types, Pathology, Treatment Principles
278. Allergic Rhinitis – Treatment, Medicines
280. Cough – Kasa Roga – Introduction
282. Cough Types, Line of Treatment – Kasa Bheda, Chikitsa Sutra
284. Medicines for cough – Kasa Aushadha
193. CORONAVIRUS – Introduction, Ayurvedic Understanding
194. CORONAVIRUS – Possible Ayurvedic Interventions
318. Introduction to Skin Diseases
326. Causes of Skin Diseases part 1 328. Part 2 330. Causes, early symptoms 332. 7 Major skin diseases 334. Minor Skin diseases 336. Tissue level skin diseases, line of treatment
338. Panchakarma in Skin Diseases (Kushta)
340. Understanding Psoriasis 342. Ayurvedic Analysis and Line of Treatment 344. Treatment Plans for Psoriasis
1. Hypertension – Ayurvedic understanding, treatment, remedies, lifestyle tips
18. Tiredness and Fatigue: Causes, Symptoms, Ayurveda Treatment, Remedies
49. How To Select A Perfect Hair Oil For Your Hair?
84. Acute Stroke Management by Dr Ravishankhar Pervaje – Case Study
244. Crohn’s disease, Sesame Seed, Oligospermia Case Discussion
99. Managing Joint Pain In Elders With Oils And Ayurveda Remedies
134. Case Presentation – Fibroids, Pitta Skin Disease
174. Ama – Introduction, Causes
178. Ama – Implications, Examples
182. Ama Association with Vata Dosha – Introduction
186. Ama Associated with Vata – Symptoms, Examples, Treatment
246. Ama Associated With Pitta Dosha
249. Ama along with Pitta in Diseases
251. Ama associated with Pitta – Panchakarma, Treatment, Herbs, Medicines, Therapies, Panchakarma
315. Ajeerna – Indigestion as per Vagbhata
317. Summary of Ama, Ajirna, healthy diet rules
324. Ama, Hunger, Obesity, Role of Rasa and Rakta in skin disease
198. How to Succeed in Ayurveda Practice In Post CoronaVirus World?
213. Vataja Jwara Causes, Pathology, Symptoms
215. Pitta and Kapha Type of Fever
217.Types of fever based on symptoms, tissues | Recurrent fever, Prognosis
219. Stages of fever with Ama – Treatment Of Fever Of Recent Origin
221. Fever – Panchakarma, External therapies and remedies
243. Anemia – Panduroga – Introduction, Pathology
245. Pandu Roga – Types, Symptoms
254. Panduroga – Treatment, Medicines – Part 1
255. Panduroga – Anemia – Medicines, Remedies – Part 2
257. Modern Aspects of Anemia and Ayurvedic Correlation and Treatment
197. Easy Way Of Diagnosis And Treatment Planning
247. The Art of Online Consultation – Software, Tools, Medicines, Fees
248. Training Of Front Office Executive (Receptionist) of an Ayurveda Centre
285. Food poisoning – Ashtanga Hrudaya Sutrasthana 7th Chapter – part 1
287. Food poisoning – Garavisha Ayurvedic concepts, Remedies
290. Raktapitta – Introduction to bleeding disorders
292. Bleeding Disorders, Raktapitta – Causes, Pathogenesis
294. Bleeding Disorders (Raktapitta) – Types, Pathogenesis, Line of Treatment
296. Remedies and Medicines for Raktapitta – Bleeding Disorders
298. Vatarakta – Introduction to Vascular Disorders 300. Causes 302. Pathology 304.Types 306. Treatment, Medicines 308. Basti Therapy, Basti formulas

310. Vajikarana as per Charaka, Counselling Points 312, 314 Vajikarana Medicine of Charaka, 316. Medicines of Charaka and Vagbhata
311. Understanding Alasaka, Visuchika

Ayurvedic medicines
5. Chyawanprash – benefits, side effects
6. Ayurvedic Hair Oils – how, when to apply, which one to choose?
7. Triphala Uses, Dose, Side Effects
40. Make Chyawanprash at home?
65. Trikatu – Group Of 3 Spices – Benefits, Side Effects
68. Triphala Guggulu, Yogaraja Guggulu, Kanchanara Guggulu, Kaishore Guggulu
74. Vati Kalpana – Ayurvedic Tablet Making Art
111. Herbal Decoction – 22 easy examples
139. Ayurvedic Kichdi, Rice Preparations

Ayurvedic Medicine Preparation
8. Kashayam – how to make, uses.
16. How to make Ayurvedic Hair Oils and Massage Oils At Home?
286. Ayurvedic Liniments, Principles, Purpose, Formula
288. Ayurvedic Liniments, Formula, Ingredients
202. Herbal Ghee, Oil Preparation Rules As Per Sharangdhara
204. Signs of Stopping heating Of Oils, Ghees
25. Swarasa – Herbal juices: How to prepare, combinations
33. How to make herbal ghee – Ayurvedic Ghritams at home?
34. Kalka – herbal paste and Churna – herbal powders – how to make
51. Herbal Powder Combinations for Hair wash, Face Pack, Face wash
57. Cold Infusions – Preparation, Examples
59. Hot Infusions – Preparation, Examples
64. Herbs Collection And Preservation
69. Substitutes Of Herbs – Rules
212. Fermentation – Sandhana Kalpana – Chemistry, Clinical Utility
214. Fermented liquids of fruits, sugarcane, palmyra palm
216. Asava – Arishta – Preparation Rules, Precautions, Examples
218. Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Fermented fruits, tubers, Grains | Shukta Kalpana

71. Routes Of Medicine Administration
77. Mana – Units Of Measurement
89. Shelf Life Of Ayurvedic Formulations
118. Yavagu – Weak Herbal Teas – Uses, Formula
120. Anupana – Co-Drinks For Food And Medicines
123. Broth Of Pulses – Yusha
125. Herbal Drinks, Herbal Milks
131. Herbal Jams – Avaleha
152. Time Of Medicine Administration With Respect To Disease Stage
157. Time of medicine administration – Empty stomach
167. Medicine Administration Before and After Food
173. Medicines Administration – With Morsels, With Food, Repeated Many times

Ayurvedic Therapies
14. Abhyanga – oil massage – benefits, procedure, contra indications
226. Nasya Therapy in Healthy Daily Routine
60. Fasting: Introduction, Types, Rules
66. Water and Juice Fasting: Step By Step Method, Side Effects Of Fasting, Management
211. Udvartana – Powder Massage – Introduction, Uses
220. Applied Aspects Of Udvartana – Powder Massage
259. Rasayana – Anti Aging Therapy – Introduction

261. Rasayana – Anti Aging Therapy By Master Charaka – part 2

262. Rasayana medicine benefits – part 3
264. Anti Aging Therapy in a Hut – Kuti Praveshika Rasayana
266. Rasayana Medicines of Amla, Haritaki, Nagabala, Shilajit


135. Introduction To Panchakarma
138. Meaning Of “Karma”, Panchakarma – Scope, Indications
142. Poorvakarma – Pachana, Deepana – preparation for Panchakarma
146. Introduction To Snehakarma – Preparation for Panchakarma
151. Sneha – Fats Used in Panchakarma – Classification
162. Movement of Doshas From Gut to tissues (Koshta To Shakha)
168. Movement Of Doshas From Tissues To Gut (Shakha to Koshta)
172. Indications, Contra Indications To Panchakarma
176. Snehakarma – Types, Indications, Benefits
180. Snehana Uses, contra indications
187. Mild Panchakarma For Vata Balance
191. Different Doses Of Fats For Panchakarma – Clinical Examples
195. Oiliness + Coldness, Abhyanga With Palm Massage
205. Anjana – Collyrium (Eye Salve) For Daily Use

Ayurvedic Pharmacology
Dravya, Guna, Rasa – Substance, Qualities, Tastes
76. Guna – Qualities Of Herbs
79. Vipaka – Taste Conversion During And After Digestion
82. Veerya – Herb Potency – Pharmacology
85. Karma – Pharmacological Action Of Herbs Introduction, Examples
88. Prabhava – Special effect of Ayurvedic Herbs
327. Understanding Vipaka, Veerya and Prabhava as per Acharya Vagbhata
90. Meaning of Ayurvedic Pharmacological terms – part 1
96. Meaning And Explanation Of Laxative Terms Used in Ayurveda
103. Shamana, Shodana – Word Meaning, Method Of Action Of Herbs
136. Meaning Of Terms – Vamana, Chedana, Lekhana, Grahi, Stambhana

Pathology, patient examination
297. Understanding LDL and HDL cholesterols
92. Ten Point Patient Examination As Per Charaka
209. Patient Examination By Direct Observation
222. Patient Examination by touch – Sparsha Pareeksha
112. Nidana Panchaka – 5 factors of disease manifestation
114. Kala, Artha and Karma – 3 Major Causes For Disorders
115. Importance Of Causative Factors In Ayurveda
116. Willful Wrong Doings – Prajnaparadha
117. Find Out Dosha Based Causative Factors
119. Purvaroopa – Early Symptoms Of Diseases – Case Studies
121. Roopa – Signs And Symptoms Of Diseases – Case Studies
124. Stages of Disease Manifestation – Dosha Accumulation And Spreading
126. Stages of Disease Manifestation – Doshas Spreading Allover, Lodging To Cause Disease
128. Complications Stage Of Diseases
130. Samprapti – Pathogenesis In Detail
133. Blocks Of Disease Manifestation – Samprapti Ghataka
137. Samprapti Ghataka – Blocks Of Pathology – Examples
140. Test-Medicine For Understanding Disease – Upashaya: Clinical Examples
144. Advanced Applied Aspects of Upashaya – Test Dose Of Medicines
150. Difficult-To-Cure Diseases


Who conducts the weekly classes? 
Dr JV Hebbar conducts the Saturday classes, 7 pm to 8 pm Indian time. If you miss this class, you can watch it later and notes is provided with the class. 

On Sunday, Dr JV Hebbar, his teacher, professor Dr Gururaja and professor Dr Raghuram conduct one hour session on 7 pm – 8 pm Indian time. If you miss the live class, you can watch it later. This session is called Gurubodha 

On Wednesdays, professor Dr Raghuram conducts Gurukula session with leading Ayurvedic doctors, professors and experts across India and globe. Each week, an expert is invited and the expert conducts the session. If you miss it, you can watch the class later. 


It says 1 year of live classes. I want to know when does the year validity starts? 
The classes have been running continuously since 2016.
When you sign up, you will get all previous classes + next one year of classes.
These next classes – you can attend them live or watch them later at your convenience.
Each class comes with notes, audiobook and video.