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Living Easy with Ayurveda – ebook – worth Rs 349 (Please note that in this current offer, the eBook version of this book is included. Hard copy is also available for purchase here.
100 Herbs of Ayurveda Made Easy – Volume 1 Rs 299/-
CSG eBook on Physical Stamina, Vigor, Vitality – worth Rs 299
Blueprint For a Healthy Lifestyle – Rs 200
Learn Ayurveda Principles and Ashtanga Hrudayam Sutrasthana – Rs 299 [600 pages!]
Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana Made Easy – Rs 299 [100 chapters, 1,384 pages]
Disease Explanation in Charaka Samhita Made Easy – Rs 299 [4 contributing authors, 2600 pages!!
100 Questions and Answers with Dr JV Hebbar – Volume 1,2, 3 and 4 – total worth – Rs 600/-
Ayurveda Tarka – A published book on assorted Ayurveda topics. printed paperback copy here
For Rs 999 or $ 21.99 (USD) only!

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How does it work?
Pay the fees from the links provided below. Dr Hebbar will send all the ebooks (in pdf format) to your email id You can read the ebooks on your laptop / tablet / smartphone.

For Rs 999 or $ 21.99 (USD) only!

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