Living Easy With Ayurveda

I present to you, the biggest work of my life – book – Living Easy With Ayurveda.
It is available as hard copy, pdf and kindle formats.
I have included all the Ayurvedic principles that you can easily adopt in your life to live a healthier, livelier life

It is in plain and easy English,
covers all the basics of Ayurveda, which even a non Ayurvedic person can understand and adopt.
Living Easy with Ayurveda is used as text book in below international Ayurveda colleges –

  • NAIC SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine, Brooksville, Florida, USA.
  • Delight Yoga, Ayurveda Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands,
  • Instituto Ayurveda Internacional, Panama

15 Sections:
Healthy Lifestyle
Basics of Tridosha
Panchakarma And Related Procedures
Mental And Physical Exercise
Health Advice Based On Season
Diet Advice
Fasting Tips
Tastes and Their Qualities
Abstinence, Sexual Health
Sleep and Related Aspects
Spices, Oils And More
Introduction To Ayurvedic Medicines
Mental And Spiritual Health
Special Aspects Of Ayurveda

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Healthy Lifestyle
What Is Ayurveda? How Can it Help With Your Life?
What Is A Healthy Lifestyle? How to Have It?.
Healthy Daily Routine: Setting Up Body and Mind Rhythm
Healthy Daily Routine: A Strategic Blueprint
8 Healthy Daily Habits for A Healthy Lifestyle
Clothing Tips – Tight Clothing or Loose Clothing?
My Best Health Advice to You – Watch Your Stomach
Have Muscle Pain or Arthritis? Please Avoid Direct Air from Fan
6 Quick Natural Remedies to Improve Singing Voice
6 Must Do Things for Women After Forty
Essential Lifestyle Changes Required After you Reach 30

Basics of Tridosha
Understanding the Principles of Ayurveda
Understand Doshas by Qualities
How to Understand Tridosha Easily by its Functions?
Understand Vata Dosha by Its Functions
Understand Pitta Dosha by Its Functions
Understand Kapha Dosha by Its Functions
Why Kids Like Sweets? Why Acidity Starts After 30? Ayurveda Answers

Does Massage Work?
Ayurvedic Massage Relieves All the Muscle Knots. Really?
When to Avoid Massage?
No Time for Massage? Here is the Solution
Can Massaged Oil Be Left Overnight? What is Skin Absorption Time?
How Steam Therapy After Oil Massage is Beneficial?
How and When to Apply Hair Oil? Ayurveda Details
Precautions and Benefits of Massage in Pregnancy
11 Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Oil Massage to Baby

Panchakarma And Related Procedures
Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment: Simple Explanation for Easy Understanding
Ayurvedic Way of Teeth Brushing and Tongue Scraping
Tambul – Pan Chewing – Right Method and Benefits
Herbal Smoking – Benefits, Rules, Side Effects, Blends to Try
How to Do Ayurvedic Nasya Treatment At Home? Nasal Drops For Long Life
How to Do Oil Pulling in Genuine Ayurvedic Way? 9 Tips
Steam Therapy After Massage
Why Should You Sweat? To Treat Disease, for Better Health

Mental And Physical Exercise
Exercise in the Morning or At Night?
Exercise Tips to Get Fit Over Forty
Benefits of Gym and Exercise – Ayurvedic Explanation
When to Avoid Gym and Workout
How Long to Exercise?
Gym Rules as Per Ayurveda
Hot Water or Cold Water for Bath After Workout?
6 Ways Walking Improved My Life – 9 Tips for Beginners
Reasons to Include Pranayama in Your Daily Routine
How to Do Pranayama – A Simple Pranayama Technique
What You Should Think While You Do Pranayama?
Types of Pranayama – Effect on Health – Through an Ayurveda Microscope
Are You Suffering from These 18 Side Effects of Pranayama? Solutions

Health Advice Based On Season
Ayurvedic Health Tips for Summer Season
Winter Season Regimen as Per Ayurveda
Autumn Season Healthy Regimen
Ayurveda Health Tips for Rainy Season
Ayurvedic Health Tips for Spring Season
Ayurvedic Seasonal Regimen Based on Different Climatic Conditions.
Ayurveda Advice for People Living in Cold Climate Countries
Travelling to A Very Cold Place? Health Tips for You
Travelling Tips – How to Keep Vata Dosha Balance While Travelling?

Diet Advice
Food Habits
Drinking Water Before or After Food- A Wrong Habit – Ayurveda Proof
Drinking Hot Water Benefits – What Ayurveda Says?
How Much Water Should You Actually Drink? Ayurveda Opinion
Usage of Water as Per Ayurveda – Complete Compilation
Vegetarian Vs Non Vegetarian Food Habit – A Comparison
Health Benefits of Vegetarian Diet – Ayurvedic Opinion
How to Become A Vegetarian? – Ayurveda Tips for Easy Transition
Let Us Sacrifice A Little Bit of Food and Sleep for Our Own Good
Night Food is Very Important. Watch What You Eat At Night!
Bad Food Combinations and Solution as Per Ayurveda
Best Obesity Health Tip – Go to Shopping Mall Soon After Food
How Much Food to Eat Per Day as Per Ayurveda?
Obama’s Food Choices – Too Many Facebook Friends – Your Mental Health
11 Ayurvedic Eating Tips for Good Health
How Many Time Should Kids Eat in A Day?
5 Things to Do After A High Cholesterol Diet

Different Types of Fasting Options for You
How to Do Fasting? A Step By Step Guide for You
How to Do Juice Fasting? Ideal Juice Recipes for Fasting – Ayurveda Method
Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Fasting
Why Did I Skip My Lunch Today, Though I Am Not on Fast?
How to Do Water Fasting? Benefits of Water Fasting to Lose Weight
When to Stop Fasting? Warning Symptoms to Watch

Tastes and Their Qualities
Tastes – Types, Qualities, Therapeutic Action- Ayurveda Details
Benefits of Sweet Taste – Ayurveda Description, Effect on Body
Sour Taste – Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects
Salt Taste – Types, Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects
Pungent Taste – Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects
Bitter Taste – Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects
Astringent Taste – Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects

Abstinence, Sexual Health
Abstinence: Brahmacharya – The Greatest Tool to ImproveConcentration
Ayurveda Sex Rules for A Healthy Life
Healthy Sex Tips for A Fruitful Relationship and Meaningful Life
Healthy Sexual Life
How to Give Sex Education to Your Kid?
Do Not Hide These Things from Your Husband

Sleep and Related Aspects
How to Wake Up Early in the Morning? – 10 Ayurveda Tips
Sleep, Day Sleep
What is the Right Time to Sleep? How to Plan Your Sleep?
Waking Up Early in the Morning is Very Important
Best Medicine for Obesity, Allergy, Rheumatoid Arthritis Etc – Wake Up Before 6 am
Simple Ayurveda Tips for A Better Sleep
Factors That Might Be Disturbing Your Good Night Sleep
Feeling Sleepy All the Time? 18 Reasons and Solutions as Per Ayurveda
How Tridosha Influence Body and Mind During Sleep?
Ayurvedic Health Tips for Night Shift Workers
I Sleep Too Much! I Want to Sleep Less – 35 Effective, Practical Tips
Improve Sleeping Habits of Your Elders and Increase Their Memory

Dairy Products and More
Buffalo Milk and Buffalo Products – Benefits and Ayurvedic Explanation
Cow Milk Benefits According to Ayurveda
Goat Milk Benefits According to Ayurveda
Cow Milk and Buffalo Milk – A Comparison
Cow Milk Vs Goat Milk – According to Ayurveda
Sheep Meat and Sheep Milk Benefits – Ayurveda Details
Human Breast Milk Benefits, Ways to Increase Production
What is Curd? How to Make Curd?
Curd Consumption At Night? Can You Take Curd At Night?
How to Make Butter? – The Ayurvedic Method
Butter Benefits: Ayurveda Details
How to Make Buttermilk, Ayurvedic Method?
Buttermilk Benefits – Ayurvedic Explanation
How to Use Ghee for Skin Care? A Simple Ayurveda Method
Health Benefits of Honey as Per Traditional Ayurveda
Hot Water Honey Benefits – How Far it Really Helps?
Cow Urine Therapy Benefits – Indication and Contra Indications

Spices, Oils And More
Sesame and Sesame Oil Benefits – Total Ayurveda Details
Castor Oil Benefits, Research, Side Effects, How to Use, Dose
Coconut Oil- Bad or Good, Benefits, Ayurvedic and Contemporary Views
Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Mustard Oil – Comparison
Why Sesame Oil is Better for Hair than Coconut Oil
Cinnamon Benefits, Dose, Home Remedies, Side Effects
Aloe Vera Benefits, Research, Home Remedies, Side Effects.
Asafoetida Health Benefits, Medicinal Uses, Side Effects – Ayurveda
Benefits of Orange Fruits – Traditional and Modern Views
Benefits of Coconut and Coconut Water – Ayurveda Details.
Bishop’s Weed – Oma – Benefits, Usage, Side Effects – Ayurveda Details
Black Cumin Benefits, Usage, Dose, Side Effects – as Per Ayurveda.
Black Pepper- Piper Nigrum Benefits, Usage Dose Side Effects
Pomegranate Fruit Benefits – Ayurveda Details
Camphor Benefits, Dose, Research, Side Effects
Cardamom Uses, Research, Home Remedies, Side Effects
Celery – Ajmoda Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects
Clove and Clove Oil Benefits, Usage, Dose – Complete Ayurveda Details
Coriander Seed and Leaves Health Benefits – Complete Ayurveda Details
Coriander Drink – An Easy to Make Natural Coolant and Natural Cleanser Drink
Cumin Seed Benefits, Usage, Side Effects – Ayurveda Details.
Dill Seed Benefits, How to Use, Side Effects, Ayurveda Details
Jaggery Health Benefits, Usage, Side Effects – Full Ayurveda Details
Kalonji – Nigella Sativa Uses, Side Effects, Research.
Fish Benefits, Side Effects – Ayurveda Details
Fennel Seed Health Benefits, Dose, How to Use – Ayurveda Details
Garlic Benefits, Research, Usage, Side Effects.
Ginger Benefits, Research, Home Remedies, Side Effects.
Health Benefits of Grapes and Raisins – Ayurveda Details
Health Benefits of Lemon – Ayurveda Details
Lemon Juice for Cold? Yes and No. Learn How and Why
Moringa Benefits, Medicinal Usage, Complete Ayurveda Details.
Onion Uses, Research, Side Effects.
Sandalwood Benefits, How to Use, Side Effects, Research
Amla Benefits, Dose, Usage, Side Effects – Complete Ayurveda Details.
How to Eat Amla Fruit and Amla Powder Based on Your Body Type and Needs?
Tulsi – Ocimum Sanctum – Benefits, Research, Side Effects
Turmeric – Curcuma Longa – Benefits, Usage, Dose, Side Effects
Sugar Cane Juice Benefits
Sea Salt Benefits, Usage, Dose, Side Effects – Ayurveda Details
Saindhava Lavana – Rock Salt Benefits, Ayurveda Usage, Side Effects

Introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine
Easy Introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine, Types, Myths and Faq
5 Factors That Make Ayurvedic Medicines Unique
7 Things You Should Know Before Taking Ayurvedic Medicine
7 Tips About How to Choose and Use Herbal Supplements Effectively
Anupan – Importance of Adjuvants and After Drinks in Food and Medicine
Thank the Doctor Who Cuts Your Medicines Down
Are you Too Much Obsessed to Take Supplements?
Modern Herbal Pharmacology Vs Ayurvedic Pharmacology

Mental And Spiritual Health
Mind – Qualities and Functions as Per Ayurveda
How Knowledge is Gained Through Sense Organs?
Message of Love: Love Yourself
How to Love Your Work and Succeed in Your Profession?
Invest A Day in A Month on Yourself
6 Easy Tips to Stay Positive, Happy and Successful Forever
How to Differentiate Laziness, Tiredness and Fatigue
How to Get Rid of Laziness and Procrastination?
Improving Lifestyle Habits is Very Important to Prevent Cancer
Over A Period of Time, My Metabolism Has Slowed Down
Cluttered Mind – Get Rid of Big Hurdle Between You and Success
Laziness, Lack of Concentration in Generation Y – Can Ayurveda Help?
Words of Wisdom About Self Realization
Best Stress Relief Tip – Just Be Truthful and Avoid Lies
Do Not Stand Between Yourself and Health
Benefits of Sitting Straight – How to Sit Straight for A Long Time?
Do Not Feel Shy to Use A Walking Stick. My True Story
Do You Concentrate on Improving Concentration? 14 Easy Techniques
Get Rid of Sedentary Lifestyle – Solutions That Actually Work
For Good Health and A Calm Mind – Control Your Tongue
Give Your Body A Chance to Heal on Its Own
My Work – My Life – Like There is No Tomorrow
Hobbies – An Effective Cure for Depression
Power of the Heart is in Loving Everything Imperfect
How to Do Multitasking in A Healthy Ayurveda Way?
How to Appreciate the Healing Process? A Simple Method
How to Improve Brain Speed and Memory Space? 25 Sure Shot Tips
If Disease is Due to Bad Karma, Should We Fight it or Not?
Improve Memory and Fight Memory Loss With Simple Effective Tips
Money, Ayurveda, Spirituality – How to Strike Perfect Balance?
My Favorite Five Words, Which Rule My Life. What is Yours?
Should You Study in The Morning or At Night
Social Activities – Best Medicine for Good Mental and Spiritual Health
The Only Thing That Matters Now Is…
Why Genius People Are Eccentric? Wait! It’s Not Eccentricity
Success Tip – Never Listen to Your Friends
Spending Quality Family Time – How Important is It?
My Sister is Fat! Everyone is Teasing. Help!!
How to Be Positive During the Time of Illness?
Feeling Tired All the Time? 10 Reasons and Solutions

Special Aspects Of Ayurveda
6 Comprehensive Ayurveda Preventive Healthcare Tips
11 Factors That An Ayurveda Doctor Considers to Decide on Treatment
Ayurvedic Definition of Health – WHO Vs Ayurveda
I Spent A Lot on Ayurveda Without Any Results!!
How Your Body Type Affects Chances of Disease (And How to Take Care Of It)?
Top 7 Myths About Ayurveda Busted
Traditional Healer Vs Qualified Ayurvedic Doctor
We Are Living Longer. Bad News to Many. Research Report –Ayurveda View
What is Ojas? How to Increase Ojas During Health and Disease?
Synonyms of Ayurvedic Doctor and What They Generally Mean?
Spiritual Looking Ayurvedic Doctor or Normal Ayurvedic Doctor?
Ayurveda Diet Plan in Ayurvedic Treatments

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  1. I try to find out more detail about Moringa Leaf that can be over 300 diseases and treated
    so can detail me about disease and treated?

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    • Here are a few good Ayurvedic doctors / centers in Mumbai –
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      Dr Krishnan Pisharady – Phone number – 9222205271
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  2. Respected Dr. Hebbar , I am a diabetic for last six , kindly guide whether I can take Brama rasayan ? If not then which Ayurvedic medicine I can take along with Brama rasayan to counter increase in blood sugar level to get good result for in taking Brama rasayan

  3. Hi Doctor,

    I am an ardent reader of your all articles which is presented in elaborate and easy manner than can be understood by all. Now-a-days, Paleo and Ketogenic Diet taking importance globally and warding off many health problems like cholesterol, diabetes,blood pressure, skin diseases etc. But this diet is consists of too much fats, avoiding carbohydrates and totally avoiding pulses,serials, rice, sugar, fruits etc. Is this diet is beneficial in the long run or will it take have any negative impact in the future. Please write an article in Ayurveda perspective. Thanks

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  5. Sir,my son having 4year 9months old,his birth and other development till 18 months was normal,after 18months his development became reverse he is bed ridden and having nasal tube for feeding in last 15 months.any suggestion for his improvement

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    • IT is a very good Ayurvedic college with hospital. Please go to the hospital section and consult.

  7. I am terribly underweight do you have ayurvedic formula or a kind of dietary table to follow so i can at least look like a human being..

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