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You are welcome to learn Ayurveda with us.

Easy Ayurveda Hospital, Mangalore, Karnataka, India a 50 bedded hospital.

The hospital has 7 specialty doctors, who are all post graduate degree holders in Ayurveda BAMS, MD (Ayu) and MS (Ayu).
The Hospital is located 8 miles from Mangalore, Karnataka, India.
The hospital conducts full range of Ayurvedic treatments including
Agni Karma, Raktamokshana,
Panchakarma, Keralian Ayurvedic Therapies,
Marma Therapies etc.
Yoga and Naturopathy wing with full range of treatments.

Classes and courses

The course can be tailor-made based on your needs and your duration of stay.
Ayurveda Basics Classes
Ayurvedic Cooking Classes
Panchakarma – Ayurvedic Detoxification Procedures – Theory, practical and hands-on training.
Upakarma – Sub-set of detox procedures that includes Ayurvedic massage, sweating treatment etc. – Theory, practical, hands-on training.
Keralian Ayurvedic Therapies – theory, practical, hands-on training
Patient case taking
Patient examination methods
Marma therapy training
Live case taking along with the consulting doctor and case discussions
Internship – wherein the student will sit by the side of the Ayurveda doctor and learns from the doctor directly while consulting the patient
Ayurvedic cosmetic therapy
Ksharasutra – for hemorrhoids, fistula etc
Music therapy
Ante-natal care – Pregnancy care
Post-partum care – after delivery care of the mother and baby as per Ayurveda
Samskara therapy to the babies
Yoga – Shat Kriya, Yogasanas, Pranayama, Meditation
Full range of all Yoga therapies
Ayurvedic Counselling
Herbology – Ayurvedic herbs
Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics – Theory and practicals related to Ayurvedic medicine and remedies preparations.
Other art forms like Bharata Natyam, Koochipudi, Karnatic Classical Music, etc.

How the training program works?

For Ayurvedic students:
The student must enlist the topics of his / her interest. Based on the syllabus given, a customized teaching and training plan will be made.
For students, daily morning Yoga session is complementary.

We can customize based on your expectations. If you are just a beginner, then a beginner program of Ayurveda introduction will be arranged, based on number of days you stay with us.

For clinical internship:
Typical day of internship

Below is the typical routine of most of the foreign Ayurvedic students. Based on your knowledge requirements, we will customize the whole program for you. 

Morning around 7 am – Yoga session

Then, Panchakarma medicine preparation – preparation of medicines for Panchakarma procedures, scheduled for that day. 

Then, rounds of admitted patients

Then rounds with an Ayurvedic doctor, in which the doctor explains in brief regarding each patient who is admitted in the hospital – disease and treatment protocol. You can watch the progress of the patient’s day by day.

Then, live patient consultations sitting beside the doctor
The consultations happen in local language, but the doctor will explain the patient details, during free time.

Then, in the afternoon, we usually teach topics of your interest, do old patient case sheet discussions, go visit herbal gardens, medicine manufacturing, cooking classes, astrology, Panchakarma training etc. – This depends on the topics that you want us to teach and your duration of stay here.

We have Ayurvedic doctors, teachers and professors of all branches – pediatrics (children), women’s health care, Ear, Nose, Throat, Eye, surgery, general medicines etc… etc..

Longer you stay with us, the more you can learn and less will be the prices.

Minimum duration of stay – 2 weeks.

Maximum duration of stay – six months 

At least 2 weeks before your arrival, if you can send the topics that you want to master here and the number of weeks that you would be staying here, then we can plan better.  

Question: I want to get Ayurvedic treatment, simultaneously while learning Ayurveda. Is it possible?
Answer: Yes, you can undergo treatment along with Ayurveda learning.

Food and accommodation

Food will be strictly vegetarian. Accommodation will be provided very near to the hospital or within the hospital, as per your conveniences. Accommodations are available with free wifi, air conditioner (a/c) etc. You can decide the rooms as per your choice.

For International Ayurveda Schools:

We have capacity to host 30 students at a time. 

We have a dedicated digital class room, practical room for showing herbs, herbal remedies, medicine preparation, a herbal garden and 900 square feet Yoga room. 

Program for students: 
Basics of Ayurveda – theory classes 
Cooking classes – theory and practical
Prakriti analysis – practical training + theory 
Patient examination – theory + practicals 
Dravyaguna – herbology with actual herbs in hand 
Bhaishajya kalpana – medicine preparation, a live pharmacy visit, visit to herbal garden with 300+ Ayurvedic herbs and trees 
Disease understanding, diagnosis and treatments 
Ayurvedic therapies – theory and practical hands on training 
Beauty therapies, cosmetology
Teaching Sanskrit
Anatomy, physiology, etc. 
Internship with live cases 
Rounds with senior doctors for admitted patients to see day to day progress 
Yoga, pranic healing, naturopathy, physiotherapy, laughter therapy, Marma therapy, 

Full range of Panchakarma including rakta mokshana, leach therapy etc. 
We have associated with Ayurveda schools such as Kerala Ayurveda, Ananda Ayurveda Academy USA, a school from Chile, Netherlands etc. 

If the school wants our help in teaching theory classes, we arrange professors who take classes. 

We also write syllabus and manuals custom made for Ayurveda schools, based on their needs. 

We help schools upgrade from 1-2 years program to 3-5 years program (many schools in USA have started offering 5 year program on Ayurveda). 

Please let me know if you have any questions 

Thala pothichil– Keralian therapy Training

Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda training

Panasa Patra Sweda Training

Dravyaguna lessons (Herbology)

From the USA to Easy Ayurveda Hospital: Madeleine shares her journey of learning


Dr JV Hebbar 




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