Charaka Samhita Full Set Books

I, Dr Janardhana V Hebbar, with the blessings of Acharya Agnivesha, Acharya Charaka and Acharya Dridhabhala, present to you,
English translation of Charaka Samhita all 8 Sections in 4 volumes.
Shlokas are in Sanskrit / Devanagari Script.
Translation is available in English.
Co Author: Dr Raghuram YS

The 8 sections of Charaka Samhita

Charaka Samhita Volume 1 – Contains 30 Chapters of Sutrasthana
Charaka Samhita Volume 2 – Contains all chapters of Nidana Sthana, Vimana Sthana, Shareera Sthana and Indriya Sthana
Charaka Samhita Volume 3 – Contains first 17 chapters of Chikitsa Sthana
Charaka Samhita Volume 4 – Contains Chikitsa Sthana – 18-30 chapters, all chapters of Kalpa Sthana and Siddhi Sthana.

Charaka Samhita Volume 1 – Rs. 845
Charaka Samhita Volume 2 – Rs. 755
Charaka Samhita Volume 3 – Rs. 990
Charaka Samhita Volume 4 – Rs. 1025
Total: 3615
Discounted Price: Rs 3,500
Shipping Cost: Zero.

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