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Rasa (Parada) Formulations: Preparations of Mercury

Parada is the most important among Rasa substances. But Parada is not therapeutically used in its natural form. Rasa formulations…

3 months ago

Loha Varga (Group of Metals)

At around 8th century A.D., use of metals in minute proportions for treating many diseases became popular in Ayurveda. The…

3 months ago

Jarana Process of Rasashastra: Types, Procedure, Benefits

The oxidation of Gandhaka, Abhraka, Abhrakasatva Bhasma, Makshikasatva Bhasma, Svarna, Ratna etc., substances in Parada is called Jarana. Ayurveda Prakasha…

3 months ago

Moorchana Process of Rasashastra: Types, Benefits

The word "Moorchana" generally mean unconsciousness. But in the context of Rasashastra, this word implies loss of quickness of mercury.…

3 months ago

Vanga (Tin): Qualities, Shodhana, Marana, Jarana

Vanga or TIn has been used in treatment of different diseases like vomiting, anorexia, non-healing wouinds, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission,…

3 months ago

Mandoora (Red iron oxide): Shodhana, Marana, Qualities

Mandoora is the rust of iron, formed because of the effect of moisture. It is used in the treatement of…

3 months ago

Pittala (Brass): Types, Qualities, Shodhana, Marana

Pittala, known as Brass, is a widely used and well-known metal alloy that is made up of 66% copper and…

3 months ago

Yashada (Zinc): Qualities, Shodhana, Marana and Jarana

Medicinal use of zinc was first documented in Ayurvedic literature. It is used in Ayurvedic treatment of eye disorders, diabetes,…

3 months ago

Loha (Iron): Types, Shodhana, Marana, Qualities, Dosage

Iron is not just taken as a dietary supplement in Ayurveda; it is also used in various forms, such as…

3 months ago

Rajata (Silver): Types, Shodhana, Marana, Qualities, Dosage

Rajata or Silver is a metal with bright shinning. In Ayurveda, it is mainly used in the treatment of epilepsy,…

5 months ago

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