Foot Pain Causes And Remedies

Foot is one of the most complex structures of the human body, having 24 bones and many tendons and ligaments. Foot pain is something that everyone suffers from at one or the other point of time. At the outset, foot pain looks like a simple symptom but negligence is not recommended.  Having said that, foot … Read more

Shelf Life Or Expiration Date Of Ayurvedic Medicines

The general belief that Ayurvedic medicines do not have any expiration date and that their shelf life is infinite is not true. Ayurvedic medicines generally made of herbs, do tend to lose their herbal medicinal qualities over a period of time. As a consumer of Ayurvedic medicine, it is very important for you to know … Read more

Buttermilk Benefits, Side Effects, Usage, Home Remedies

By – Dr JV HebbarButtermilk is one of the widely used diet article, in Ayurvedic treatment. Buttermilk is called Takra in Sanskrit. There is a simile given for buttermilk. Nectar is for Gods and Goddesses, buttermilk is for human beings. Benefits of buttermilk Butter milk benefits –Ayurveda uses buttermilk both to maintain health and to … Read more

Ayurvedic Medicine – A Word Of Caution

If you had visited an Ayurvedic doctor recently and got prescribed Ayurvedic medicines, then below-mentioned are the things that you should be knowing.  An Ayurvedic doctor may prescribe one of the following type of Ayurvedic medicines –Ayurvedic medicine/ medicines to be purchased from an herbal storeAyurvedic herbal medicine that he has prepared on his own.A … Read more

Sugarcane Juice And Root Benefits, Side Effects, Research, Remedies

Sugar cane juice is probably the most popular and widely consumed juice here in India. An interesting fact is that it is in use since thousands of years. In Ayurveda, sugar cane juice, and its other derivatives such as jaggery is used in many formulations including lehyams (herbal jams), Asava, Arishta etc. Let us know … Read more

Improve Your Life Easily With Ayurveda – Dr JV Hebbar

My new Health and Ayurveda book – “Improve your life easily with Ayurveda”. This is primarily an Ayurvedic book, but with a difference. This Ayurveda eBook comes with 100% money back guarantee.

Ayurvedic book
Ayurvedic health book

1. The book is written in a very simple language so that any one who do not know anything about Ayurveda can also easily understand and adopt its principles.

2. The  book is very practical oriented and is not just the theoretical compilation of Ayurvedic principles.

Read more

Ayurvedic Definition Of Health – WHO vs Ayurveda

Aims of Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine are two, as quoted in Sushruta Samhita.a. To maintain the health of the healthy individual andb. To treat the disease of the diseased.A complete and comprehensive definition of health is highly important to know whether we are totally healthy or not.There are two major definitions of health.  … Read more

Computer Vision Syndrome: Causes, Ayurvedic Remedies, Tips

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), to explain in simple terms, is the eye strain caused by seeing the computer screen for a long period of time. There are many techniques, Ayurvedic home remedies that can help relieve CVS. The phenomenon of CVS is very simple.  computer screen is a bright object and constantly looking into it … Read more

Gym Or Yoga? Which One To Choose?

With the ever increasing diabetes and other lifestyle disorder menace, it is almost mandatory for every one to engage in one or the other sort of physical activities. Dance and sports are the best options, Gym and Yoga are also equally good ones. So, here is a small debate about which one to choose. Like … Read more

6 Must Do Things For Women After Forty

Till thirty years, the female body will be on the path of construction or build-up. The growth of body tissues will be complete. So the body will have its own power to fight back to normalcy, so also the mind. The strength will prevail till forty. It is at forty that there is a need … Read more

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