Dr Janardhana V Hebbar

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Mission at Easy Ayurveda

  1. Uplift the health of people by easy adaptations of Ayurveda secrets in daily diet and lifestyle.
  2. Make the process of learning and understanding Ayurveda easy to people from all walks of life.
  3. Disseminate authentic knowledge of Ayurveda as per the Shastra – Ancient Ayurveda treatises.
  4. Partner with like-minded institutions and help them in their mission of providing efficient Ayurveda knowledge or herbal products.
  5. Help Ayurvedic students understand complex Ayurveda concepts better.

Our Activities to achieve Goals

2500+ Free Articles
All about Ayurveda, Health, Disease, Treatment, Home remedies, Herbs and Lifestyle.
Published at – EasyAyurveda.com
You can read them all for free of cost.

2700+ Ayurvedic medicines information
With – References, Ingredients, Uses, Contraindications, Side effects etc
Published at – Ayurmedinfo.com

Academic / Pharma Activities

We associate with Ayurveda Organizations across the Globe to co-operate mutually for the noble cause of taking Ayurveda to the doors of every household and reach every human heart on this Earth.

We are associated with –
Delight Yoga And Ayurveda Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Kerala Ayurveda Academy,
California USA
Pure Indian Foods,
New Jersey USA
Athreya Corp, California USA
A Group of Russian Ayurveda practitioners
Yoga Habitat, Chicago
Everest Ayurveda, Nepal 
Canada Ayurvedic Practitioner’s Association
NIAC Somaveda – USA
Instituto Ayurveda Nixia Lino, Panama
Curejoy [Ex-partners]
Sharada Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital, Mangalore, India
Mount Madonna College of Ayurveda, California

Our Products:


11 EBooks

These are available in pdf format.
You can read them on your phone, tablet or desktop.
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Online Video Courses

We have launched two online video courses on an online platform called Udemy. They can be accessed through android / ios app or smartphone web browser or with a computer with internet connection.

Our Udemy courses

1. Prakruti – Dosha Body Type Features Read more here

2. Basics of Ayurveda Remedies, 5 Basic Dosage Forms of Ayurveda – Read more here

These courses contain

  • Videos describing various Ayurveda topics
  • Question and answers to self evaluate your progress of Ayurveda learning
  • Sub-titles, in case you do not understand our Indian accent.
  • Completion Certificate – will be provided from the Udemy, after the completion of course.

Weekly Online Classes

Conducted every Saturday on various Ayurveda topics.

Salient features of our weekly online classes:

  • You can watch the recorded class, online, anytime, for any number of times.
  • Doubts about the class topic will be clarified by our experts.
  • Detailed notes of the class is provided in pdf format.

We have conducted 150+ classes thus far.
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Our Team Members

Dr MS Krishnamurthy BAMS MD(Ayu), PhD
Professor in an Ayurveda college, Head of the department – with more than 20 years of experience in Ayurveda – both in Clinics and Ayurveda academics. Has published more than 10 Ayurveda books thus far.
Click here to contact Dr Krishnamurthy

Dr Prashanth BK, BAMS, MD (Ayu), PhD
Principal of Prasanna College Of Ayurveda, Belthangady, Karnataka.
He has more than 15 years of experience in Ayurveda academics and Clinical practice. He has rich experience as a clinician, treating different diseases related to body joints, respiratory system, geriatrics and skin diseases. He serves the society with his clinical practice.
Click here to contact Dr Prashanth

Dr Raghuram YS BAMS, MD (Ayu)
A professor and a clinician with more than 20 years of Ayurveda practice.
Click here to contact Dr Raghuram (email / skype)

Dr Sandeep Bekal BAMS, MD (Ayu)
Professor and Head of the Department, Kayachikitsa
Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College, Mangalore

Dr Renita D’Souza BAMS
A qualified and legal Ayurveda physician.
Click here to consult Dr Renita

Dr Ravi Ganesh MD (Ayu)
Principal, Sharada Ayurveda Medical College, Mangalore
Dr Amritha Ravi MD (Ayu)
Clinical Lead Of Sharada Ayurveda Hospital
Vaidya Deepti Suri, Chicago
Director, International Operations, for Easy Ayurveda.
Dr Yashoda BAMS – Content Editor At Easy Ayurveda
Dr Regina Antony BAMS – Content Editor At Easy Ayurveda.
Dr Manasa Raghuram BAMS – Ayurveda practitioner and writer from Bangalore.
Dr Janardhana V Hebbar MD (Ayu) Click to contact by email / skype

All of our authors are authentic, qualified and legal Ayurveda doctors.
The word Ayurveda doctor is a legal form of expression in India, to which our authors belong.
All of our authors have legal licenses to teach, practice and write articles on Ayurveda, health and lifestyle.
BAMS – Bachelor Of Ayurvedic Medicine And Surgery – the legal Ayurvedic doctor course – 5.5 years long in India.
MD (Ayu) – 3 years post graduation study in Ayurveda. This is done after the BAMS graduation.
PhD – 3 + years of Doctorate of Philosophy program, done on top of BAMS and MD (Ayu).