Easy Ayurveda App

Introducing Easy Ayurveda app šŸ™‚

Watch video demo here

In android phone – Instructions

In android phone,
Open google chrome and type easyayurveda.com and hit enter.
Click below.

You will get below screen. Scroll up and down for 2 seconds. “Add Easyayurveda to homescreen will appear at the bottom. Click that.

Click on add

Wait for a second and app gets downloaded.
Find the app in your app list. Press on it and move it to your home screen.

Open the app and use the search feature at the top right corner to search any Ayurveda topic of your interest.

Iphone Instructions

In Iphone, open the browser, go to easyayurveda.com and then search in options to “add easyayurveda to homescreen”

Contact for any trouble

If you get any issues, please write to [email protected]
Thanks, Dr Hebbar

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