Question And Answer Session With Dr JV Hebbar

I cordially invite you to a half an hour question and answer session on Tuesday, 7-7:30 pm Indian Standard Time.

This Tuesday, We are going to discuss –
1. What are a few herbs that a new mother should use after delivery?
2. I read Online Desi ghee helps in pacify Vata. Now Desi ghee
is cool in nature, So as Vata body type are also cool in nature.
So how it would help in pacify Vata?
3. Hot things should not be mixed with cold things as per Ayurveda. Garlic is hot. Milk is cold. Why have you written about garlic milk remedy?
4. If there are easy home remedies for dandruff care, then why are so many costly (branded) oils and shampoos prescribed and sold? Kindly educate.
5. If someone takes Raja Pravartini tablet, once, by mistake during pregnancy, will there be any harm?

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