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Effect of Fiber Rich Diet on Health, Doshas as per Ayurveda

3 weeks ago
Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

Is Excess Fiber bad for health? What is its effect on Doshas? Fiber is generally considered to have dryness quality (as…

Rajata (Silver): Types, Shodhana, Marana, Qualities, Dosage

Rajata or Silver is a metal with bright shinning. In Ayurveda, it is mainly used in the treatment of epilepsy,…

3 weeks ago

Tamra (Copper): Types, Shodhana, Marana, Qualities, Dosage

Copper is used in Ayurveda for storing water, as plate and also as an oral medicine to treat disorders such…

3 weeks ago

Kamsya (Bronze) Ayurvedic Benefits, Types, Qualities, Shodhana, Marana

Bronze is used in Ayurveda in multiple ways. Its wand is used for face massage, bronze plates are used for…

3 weeks ago

Naga (Lead): Shodhana, Jarana, Marana

Lead is a main group element with symbol Pb (Latin: Plumbum) and automic number 82.  Lead is soft, malleable poor…

4 weeks ago

Svarna (Gold): Types, Qualities, Shodhana, Marana, Dosage

Swarna or Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au (Latin: Aurum) and an atomic number of 79. It…

4 weeks ago

Visha, Upavisha: Types, Qualities, Shodhana, Sevana vidhi, Matra

In Ayurveda and Rasashastra, there are many substances which are used in the therapeutics are basically poisons. They are used…

4 weeks ago

Trunakanta (Amber): Qualities, Shodhana, Marana, Pishti

Trunakanta is a yellow to reddish stone. It shines like gum. If it is rubbed with cloth and kept near…

2 months ago

Putika (Peridot): Types, Qualities, Shodhana, Marana

Putika is a yellowish green coloured soft stone. Many scholars have considered it as Apakwa Panna. Its shining decreases upon…

2 months ago

Akeeka (Agate): Types, Qualities, Shodhna, Marana, Dose

Akeeka is a colourful stone. Red coloured akeeka is considered the best. It has Aluminium, Iron oxide & manganese oxide.…

2 months ago

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