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Kantagata Rogas Diseases Of The Throat

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Kantagata rogas comprise of diseases occurring in the throat. This is a sub-category of diseases included in the main category of ‘mukhagata rogas’ i.e. ‘diseases of oral cavity’ (which includes all diseases of lips, gums, teeth, tongue, palate and throat).
Kanthagata rogas, though are the diseases of the buccal cavity, are limited to the throat.
Kanta = throat, Gata = located in, Rogas = diseases
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Number of throat disorders

  • Master Sushruta has explained 17 types of throat disorders while Master Vagbhata has enumerated 18 diseases.
  • Yogaratnakara and Bhavaprakasha treatises too have explained 18 diseases occurring in the throat.
  • Master Vagbhata has not explained the disease ‘Adhijihvaka’. On the other hand he has included ‘galaganda’ in the list of diseases.
  • But master Sushruta doesn’t include galaganda in the throat disorders. This fits into the surgical diseases according to Sushruta. This difference indicates that ‘kanthagata rogas’ might include only the diseases occurring inside the throat and not those which are externally manifested. Galaganda, often compared to goiter is an external condition and this is the reason that Master Sushruta has not included it in kanthagata rogas.
  • Master Sharngdhara has explained ‘gantagata rogas’ in the name of ‘gala roga’. Gala means neck. He has also enumerated 18 diseases afflicting the neck / throat. He has mentioned Medoja Rohini in place of Raktaja Rohini (Sushruta).
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Diseases of the throat

While enumerating the number of throat disorders (Sushruta Samhita, Nidana Sthana, Chapter 16, and verse 4) Master Sushruta has mentioned that 17 number of diseases get manifested in the throat. But in verse 48 of the same chapter while Sushruta mentions the names of these throat diseases, we get to see 18 diseases being named.

Below mentioned are the types of throat disorders mentioned by Master Sushruta –

Sl NoName of the throat disorder (Ayurveda)Number
1Rohini5 types a. Vataja b. Pittaja c. Kaphaja d. Sannipataja e. Raktaja
10Gala vidradhi1

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Aggravated Vata, Pitta and Kapha either individually or in combination or the aggravated blood will contaminate the muscle tissue (in the throat). Thereafter they would produce multiple eruptions (growths) which would eventually cause obstruction in the throat. This condition is called as Rohini and is said to be life threatening in nature.

Rohini is of 5 types. They are

  • Vataja Rohini – caused by vitiated vata
  • Pittaja Rohini – caused by vitiated pitta
  • Kaphaja Rohini – caused by vitiated kapha
  • Sannipataja Rohini – caused by simultaneous aggravation of all three doshas
  • Raktaja Rohini – caused by aggravation of blood tissue
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Kanta shaluka

Kanta shaluka is a cystic swelling in the neck / throat. It is produced by aggravated kapha. The swelling is of the size of a seed of jujube fruit. It appears in the form of thorns or husk, rough and stiff (fixed / immobile). It can be treated through surgical measures.


This is a swelling which occurs in the root of the tongue. Its shape resembles the tip of the tongue. This is caused by combined vitiation of blood and kapha. If it gets suppurated, it shall not be treated (considered incurable).
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This condition is caused by aggravated and abnormally increased kapha. The kapha spreads within the channels transporting food (food passages) and causes their blockage. This is a dreadful disease and should not be treated i.e. it is incurable. Master Chakrapani opines that this condition explained by Master Sushruta is same as a condition named ‘vidalaka’ explained by Master Charaka. According to Master Vagbhata, valaya and ‘galaudha’ are one and the same conditions. So, Valaya is also called as Vidalaka and Galaudha by different authors.
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This condition is caused by abnormally increased kapha and vata in the throat. These doshas cause painful swelling in the throat and difficulty in breathing. The marmas i.e. the vital structures around the throat too get damaged in this condition. This is an incurable condition.


This condition is caused by aggravated kapha and rakta (blood). It presents with swelling which is round, elevated, soft and heavy and is associated with burning sensation and itching. This swelling would undergo suppuration.
It can be treated by administration of bloodletting (raktamokshana) and purification therapies (shodhana, panchakarma).
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This condition is caused by combination of aggravated pitta and blood. The swelling is excessively elevated and is associated with severe burning sensation and severe fever. If this condition presents with ‘pricking type of pain’ only, it shall be considered to have caused by aggravated vata.
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Many muscular sprouts (fleshy outgrowths) are formed within the throat. As a result a thick wick like growth manifests in the throat which obstructs the throat. This would cause many kinds of pains and discomforts in the throat. This condition is caused by tridoshas i.e. simultaneous aggravation of all three doshas and is said to be life threatening and a dangerous condition. Therefore this condition is incurable. The swelling resembles a shataghni and hence the name. According to Master Dalhana, commentator of Sushruta Samhita, shataghni means a stone which consists of or is covered with thousands of thorns. Even in the throat the muscular sprouts appear like thousands of thorns spread out inside the throat causing obstruction of throat.
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This condition presents with development of a knot (know like structure) which resembles the shape and size of a seed of Emblica officinalis. This condition is caused by combined vitiation of kapha and blood. This will cause a firm and fixed knot in the throat. This would make swallowing the food difficult. This condition can be treated with surgical procedures.

Gala Vidradhi

Vidradhi means abscess. When it occurs in the throat it is called gala vidradhi. It is caused due to aggravation of all three doshas. A big swelling which encroaches in the entire throat is formed. This condition presents with symptoms of all three doshas. All symptoms of ‘tridoshaja vidradhi – abscess caused by all three doshas’ are manifested in this condition. If the abscess is not formed in the site of marma (vital organ / structure) around the neck and if it is suppurated, the abscess should be excised and the pus shall be drained. Later medicinal gargles shall be given for cleansing and healing purposes.
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This condition is caused by combined aggravation of blood and kapha. These doshas would cause a big swelling inside the throat. This would cause obstruction to swallowing of food and water. This would also cause obstruction of udana vata and also severe symptoms like fever etc. This is an incurable condition. Master Vagbhata has also mentioned heaviness in the head, drowsiness / stupor, excessive salivation etc symptoms in excess.


This condition is caused by aggravated vata. This is indeed caused by the avarana (blockage) of vata by kapha. Patient finds it very difficult to breathe. Apart from this the patient would have hoarseness of voice and dryness of throat and will produce abnormal breath sounds. This is an incurable condition.


This is a swelling that occurs in the throat, caused by simultaneous aggravation of all three doshas. The swelling is broad and hangs down, obstructs the throat gradually with time and poses threat to life. This condition of the throat is incurable.


This condition is caused by aggravated pitta. There will be burning sensation and pricking pain inside the throat. The swelling which occurs inside the throat would be of red color. Gradually the flesh / muscles in and around the swelling would decay and fall off / get dissolved. It also emits foul smell.

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