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Nasa Puyarakta Causes, Pathogenesis, Symptoms, Treatment

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (ayu) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Nasa Puyarakta is a disease of the nose which is caused by pus and vitiated blood and hence the name. It is also called as Puyashonita. Master Sushruta has given a brief account and explanation of this condition in ‘Nasa gata roga vijgnaniyam adhyayam’ – chapter 22 of ‘Sushruta Samhita Uttara Tantra’. Nasa = nose, Puya = pus, Rakta = blood
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Pitta-Rakta prakopa nidana – excessive consumption of etiological factors (foods, activities) which lead to aggravation of pitta and rakta (blood) lead to the onset of pathogenesis of puyarakta in the nose.
Lalata abhihata – injury to the forehead
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a) The pitta and blood abnormally increased due to the consumption of / exposure to the etiological factors leading to their aggravation or
b) Injury caused over the forehead will aggravate the other doshas also. Due to these events there is discharge of pus mixed with blood from the nasal cavity. This condition is called as puya rakta. Since the bloody pus is eliminated from the nose, this condition is also called as ‘nasa puyarakta’.

  • Consumption of / exposure to pitta and blood aggravating etiological factors or injury to forehead
  • Aggravation of pitta and blood in the nose
  • The other doshas are burnt/aggravate
  • Discharge of blood mixed pus from the nose
  • Nasa Puyarakta

Types of Nasa Puyarakta

Depending on the information from the pathogenesis of nasa puyarakta, the disease can be broadly classified into two types. They are –

Doshaja Nasa Puyarakta – when the disease is caused by the doshas (pitta, blood and the other doshas burnt by these two) consequently leading to the discharge of blood mixed pus from the nose it is called as doshaja nasa puyarakta.
Agantuja Nasa Puyarakta – when the disease is caused by injury to the forehead, consequently leading to the discharge of blood mixed pus from the nose, it is called as agantuja (caused due to external causes) agantuja nasa puyarakta.
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According to Master Vagbhata

Master Vagbhata too gives a similar opinion about the pathogenesis of the disease but adds couple of symptoms to the list.
this disease is caused due to

  • ‘dosha sanchaya’ – accumulation of doshas
  • ‘abhighata’ – injury

There will be discharge of pus and blood or pus mixed with blood from the nose. Apart from this there will also be pain and burning sensation in the head.
This condition is called as puyarakta.

According to Master Charaka

According to Master Charaka – ‘Puyarakta is a condition in which blood mixed with pus gets discharged not only from the nose but also from the mouth and ears’.


(combined from Sushruta, Vagbhata and Charaka)

Sanskrit Verses

Modern correlation

The symptoms mentioned by different masters are found in many diseases explained in modern texts –

Tuberculosis of the nose or lupus mostly occurs in the front / tip of the nose. Later it spreads to the entire nose, nasal bridge (nasal septum) and exterior of the nose. In this warty vegetations are formed and fill up the nasal cavity.
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