Charaka Kalpa Sthana 9th Chapter Tilvaka Kalpam

9th chapter of Charaka kalpa sthana deals with “Pharmaceutics of Tilvaka”. The chapter name is Tilvaka Kalpam.

Now we shall explore the chapter dealing with the “Pharmaceutics of Tilvaka”. Thus, said Lord Atreya. [1-2]


Tilvaka is known by the synonyms like Lodhra, Brhatpatra and Tiritaka. [½ 3]
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Processing of Tilvaka

The dry root-bark of Tilvaka which is free from its inner layer should be pounded. It should be made into three parts. Two parts of this powder is added with water and strained by the process of percolation. With this liquid the third part of the powder of Tilvaka is impregnated with the decoction of Dashamula (Bilva, Shyonaka, Gambhari, Patala, Ganikarika, Shalaparni, Prsniparni, Brhati, Kantakari and Gokshura). This should then be dried and made into a powder again and used in recipes.[ 3 ½ -5]

Recipes of Tilvaka with Whey etc.

One Panitala (12 gms appr) of this powder is taken along with the following vehicles:
Dadhi- Takra (whey)
Sura-manda (supernatant part of alcohol)
Cow’s urine
Badara-Sidhu (a type of sour drink prepared of Jujubes) and
Juice of Amalaki [6]

Recipe of Tilvaka in the form of Sauviraka

To the decoction of Meshashringi, Abhaya, Krsna and Chitraka, roasted barley is added and fermented. The paste of Lodhra is mixed with one Anjali (96 ml. appr) of this Sauviraka, and taken as a potion. [7- ½ 8]
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Sura Recipe of Tilvaka

Sura (alcohol drink) prepared of the decoction of Lodhra by keeping (fermenting) it for a fortnight is taken as a potion. [8 ½]

Arishta of Tilvaka

One Drona each of Danti and Chitraka are added with one Adhaka of water and decoction is prepared. To this decoction, one Tula of Jaggery and one Anjali of the powder of Lodhra is added and allowed to ferment. The Arista (medicated wine) thus prepared by keeping the recipe for a fortnight is an excellent purgative potion for persons habituated to the intake of wine. [9 – ½ 10]

Tilvaka with Kampillaka

The powder of Tilvaka is well impregnated with the decoction of Kampillaka for ten times. A dose of this recipe should be taken again with the decoction of Kampillaka. [10 ½ – ½ 11]
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Lehya of Tilvaka

A linctus of Tilvaka is prepared on the line suggested for Chaturangula (vide Kalpa 8:12).
Linctus is prepared by adding the powder of Lodhra, ghee, honey and Phanita (penidium) to the decoction of Triphala (haritaki, Vibhitaka and Amalaki). It is an excellent recipe for purgation.
To the decoction of Tilvaka, its paste, sugar and ghee is added and cooked.  This linctus is excellently useful for purgation. [11 ½ – 13]
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Ghritha of Tilvaka

Trivrt (Chaturangula), Mahavrksa, Saptala, Sankhini, Danti and Dravanti) and sixteen  fistfuls of Tilvaka Powder is boiled by adding one Drona of water separately till one fourth of the liquid remains. These decoctions should then be mixed together. To this, one Prastha of ghee, one Bilva of the paste each of the nine drugs described above, and one Pala each of cow’s urine as well as salt are added. This should then be cooked. It is taken at the appropriate time and in appropriate dose which is an excellent potion for purgation. ‘By adding the paste of Lodhra, cow’s urine, sour liquid and salt, ghee may also be cooked.  In Kalpa 8: 13-14, two recipes of medicated ghee of Chaturangula are described. Following the same procedure, two recipes of medicated ghee containing Tilvaka may also be prepared [and used for purgation. [14-16]
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Contents of Chapter

To sum up: – in this chapter, sixteen recipes of the root of Lodhra are described as follows:
1-5. Five recipes with Dadhi-Takra, Sura-manda, Mutra, Badara-Sidhu and Juice of Amalaki vide verse no. 6)
One recipe of Lodhra in the form of Sura (vide verse no. 8)
One recipe along with Sauviraka (vide verse nos. 7-8)
One recipe in the form of arista (vide  verse no. 9)
One recipe of Lodhra to be taken along with Kampillaka (vide verse nos 10-11)
11-13 three recipes of Lodhra prepared in the form of linctus and (vide verse nos. 11-13)-
13-14 four recipes of Lodhra in the form of medicated ghee (vide verse nos. 14-16) [17-18]


Thus, ends the ninth chapter of Kalpa- section dealing with the “Pharmaceutics of Tilvaka” in Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka, and because of its non- availability, supplemented by Charaka.

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