Charaka Indriya Sthana 10th Chapter Sadhyo Maraniya Indriyam

10th chapter of Charaka Indriya sthana deals about signs indicative of impending sudden Death. The chapter name is Sadhyomaraniya Indriyam.

We shall now explore the chapter on the “Signs indicative of Impending sudden Death”. Thus said Lord Atreya[1-2]
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Premonitory signs of Sudden death

O!  Agnivesha, I shall describe separately the signs indicative of sudden death. The patient afflicted with these signs does not survive. They are as follows:

  • Intense thirst in a patient suffering from a painful and fully manifested (hard tumor caused by vitiated Vata) in the cardiac region will take away the life immediately.
  • Movement of the vitiated Vata all over the body after producing laxity in the calf muscles and irregularity in the structure of the nose will cause immediate death.
  • Development of hiccup in a patient who has dropping of the eyebrows and excessive burning sensation in the body will take away his life almost immediately.
  • Distension of nape of the neck on both sides (carotid regions of the neck) by the aggravated Vata moving upwards in a patient having diminution of blood and flesh will cause immediate death of the patient.
  • Affliction of the groins of a weak / emaciated patient by the sudden aggravation of vata between the anus and the umbilicus; will cause immediate death.[3-8]
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  • Stretching of the tips of ribs by the aggravated Vayu afflicting the chest of a patient  whose eyes are dilated and who feels Staimitya (as if covered with a wet cloth) will die immediately.
  • Seizure (affliction) of both heart and anus by strongly aggravated Vayu in a patient who is exceedingly weak will cause death instantaneously.
  • Dyspnea caused by the strongly aggravated Vayu after having afflicted (seized) both the groin regions and the anus will cause immediate death of the patient.
  • Production of cutting-pain by Vayu as a result of the affliction of umbilicus, urine, Bastishira (kidneys) and faeces will cause instantaneous death.
  • A patient whose entire body has been pervaded by aggravated vata, if severe blasting kind of pain manifests in both the groins and if the person also has diarrhea and thirst he will die immediately.
  • Occurrence of diarrhea and thirst in a patient whose entire body is pervaded by aggravated Vata will die soon.
  • Occurrence of diarrhoea and thirst in a patient whose body is swollen because of Shotharoga of Vatika type will die almost immediately. [9-15]
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  • Diarrhoea and thirst occurring in a patient suffering from tearing (cramp like) pain originating from stomach and intestines will kill the patient immediately.
  • Thirst and acute spasm in the anal region occurring in a patient suffering from cutting / tearing type of pain (cramp like) originating from colon almost kills the patient immediately.
  • If in a patient the aggravated vata getting localized in the colon causes unconsciousness and also produces gurgling sounds in the throat, it causes immediate death of the patient.
  • Appearance of teeth as if adhered with mud, face as if covered with ashes and excessive perspiration all over the body as if the body is sprinkled with water of sipra river and the body is also cold due to sweating, the patient will die immediately.
  • If diarrhea, thirst, dyspnea, headache, unconsciousness, debility and groaning sound from the throat occur simultaneously in a patient he is sure to die immediately. [16-20]
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To sum up: The physician who perfectly comprehends these signs can very well anticipate the survival or death of the patient. [21]
Thus ends the tenth chapter on the “signs Indicative of Impending Sudden Death” of the Indriya Section of Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka.

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