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Ayurvedic Medicines With Coffee, Tea, Energy Drinks?

Ayurvedic medicines are a bunch of different herbs made into a combination. Ayurvedic medicine is a collection of chemical active principles and nutrients of different herbs. When they are taken orally, they get digested and absorbed. They enter blood circulation, reach the target organ where disease is present, such as liver, kidney, brain, lungs, etc. They repair and fix the problem. 


For these herb active chemicals to show their best action, they should be absorbed into the body in full. That is why most of the Ayurvedic medicines are advised on empty stomach or before food.

On an empty stomach or before food, the person will be feeling hungry, all the digestive juices and enzymes are fully secreted in stomach and intestines. So, in this ripe moment, if one takes Ayurvedic medicines, then most of the phyto-chemicals get absorbed to the maximum extent and show their result.
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But this rule does not apply to all Ayurvedic medicines. For example spicy Ayurvedic medicines in a person with gastritis and hyper-acidity may cause worsening of his symptoms. So, he might need to take the medicines after food.
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Ayurvedic Medicines With Coffee, Tea, Health Drinks?

Excluding exceptions, before food is the most ideal time to take Ayurvedic medicines.
Having said that, if Ayurvedic medicines are taken with coffee or tea, then there is slight problem. Coffee or tea also contain 1000s of chemicals including caffeine, hydrocarbons and alkaloids.

See, Ayurvedic medicines are made of herbs and coffee / tea / energy drink, health drinks – they are also made of herbs. When these beverages are taken along with Ayurvedic medicine, the nutrients in coffee or tea may compete with the nutrients in Ayurvedic medicines.
The coffee nutrients may get absorbed first and this may leave Ayurvedic medicines under-absorbed into our body system and they are under-utilized.
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So, if you wish to enjoy maximum benefits of Ayurvedic medicines, then it is best to take Ayurvedic medicines with water or other co drinks that your Ayurveda doctor might have suggested.
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Bottom line

You can take these beverages at any time other than Ayurvedic medicine taking time.
Avoid coffee / tea / energy drinks or beverages along with Ayurvedic medicines.

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