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Soup Of Green Gram, Chickpea And Horse Gram – Health Benefits

By Dr M S Krishnamurthty MD (Ayu), PhD.
Soup can be an excellent adjuvant with meals. Now a days the word soup is commonly used for the spicy dish served before the food as a starter. This served the purpose of curry or any other side dish.


Soopa, Soopyaka, Sara, Bhojana sara, Sara soopa, Paka sara etc words are in practice to denote this thin soup.
Soups are usually digestive, carminative, anti flatulent, appetizer this is appreciated by maximum individuals.

While appreciating the soups Bhojana kutoohala text quotes-
This means, sara (soup) is the real essence of the lunch. This is believed to be tastier than the lip lock of a beautiful girl (having the deer eyes!). As it is a good digestive and carminative it became an essential unit in the meals especially in auspicious and special occasions. Without the soup one cannot enjoy the food and hence life too…..

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Preparation method

The pulses like green gram, chickpea, horse gram are taken and soaked in water (preferably for overnight). Next day it is cooked well with large amount of water. On cooking species and salt are added and if needed curry leaf, coriander leaf etc can also be added. Some add little ghee or seasoning can be done.

Greengram soup

Mudga soopa
Qualities and actions:
Light, appetizer, blood purifier, etc.
It is useful in Pitta fever, burning sensation in the body, tastelessness, blood borne disorders etc.
If soup is taken adding with salt it relieves all pain.

Vagbhata further adds –  it is highly beneficial after body purification (panchakarma therapies) and in ulcer, throat disorders and eye disorders.
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Chik pea soup

Chanaka soopa :
It is sweet mixed astringent in taste, pacifies Vata and kapha dosha and is carminative.
It is beneficial in breathlessness, cough, rhinitis etc.

Black pea soup

Krishna chnaka soopa:
It pacifies burning sensation, urinary disorders etc.
During the preparation, if chitraka, pepper etc are added it pacifies vatic disorders.
Well cooked pulses if macerated well and soup is prepared, it balances all the three Doshas.
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Horsegram soup

Kulattha soopa :
It balances Vata Dosha, carminative, increases Kapha and Pitta, balances and nourishes all tissues (Dhatu), light, absorbent etc.
It is useful in urinary calculi, fever, diarrhea, thirst, burning sensation, wounds or ulcers, itching, eye disorders etc.
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Soups do have nutritional and medicinal benefits. It is always wise to think regarding the qualities and health benefits of each food, instead of looking towards mere taste, smell and calorie values!
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