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Sikta Taila (Bee Wax Oil) Preparation, Uses, Medicines

By Dr Renita D’Souza


Honey is extensively used in wound healing. Beewax is also used for the same purpose. A combination of beeswax and sesame oil is called Siktha Taila. It is useful to heal wounds quickly and is used as base for different Ayurvedic ointments (Malahara Kalpana).

Method of preparation 1

Method of preparation of Siktha taila -1
Apparatus required
Tin coated iron vessel, leddle etc.


Ingredients required
Siktha (Madhuchista) Bee wax : 1 part
Tila taila : 8 part


One part of Siktha (beeswax) and 8 parts of sesame oil are taken in tin coated iron vessel and heated over mild fire. Contents are stirred continuously while heating. When bee wax completely melts and mixes with sesame oil, vessel is taken out of fire. Stirring is continued with the help of ladle.
When it gains semisolid, concentrated form, with butter like consistency it is preserved in wide mouthed glass container. This is prepared by combination of Siktha and Taila, so the name Sikthataila.
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Method of preparation 2

Method. 2 of preparing bees wax oil:
Siktha : 1 part
Tilataila : 5 part


Uses of Sikta tail (bee wax oil)
It is readily used for quick wound healing,and to treat itching and dermatitis. 
Siktataila which is produced by first method (1:8) is used as a base to prepare the Malahara Kalpanas, which are prepared in cold seasons.

Where as Siktataila which is produced by second method (1:5) is used as a base to Prepare the Malahara Kalpanas, which are prepared in summer (greeshma Ritu).
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Ayurvedic medicines

Ayurveda medicines with Siktha taila as ingredient
Gandakadi malahara
An ointment used for treating ring worm infection, jock itch, tinea infection, allergic dermatitis and eczema.
Karpuradi malahara etc

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