Cry Alone, But Laugh In The Crowd

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD.
The words of the great visionaries have a lot to teach for designing our better tomorrows. Their words of wisdom always hide out the experience they have gained during their long journey or due to the situations they have faced in their critical moments of life and profession. 

“Cry Alone. But, Laugh In Crowd” is the famous proverb of ancient Indians. This gives us a strategy to follow when we are in loss or gain.

Cry Alone

Everybody faces defeat, defame, fatigue, failures in their life in one or the other times. Many a time, we share those things in the public or social media.
The Indian proverb does not approve of this. In stead, it guides us to hide our sorrows from the crowd. It is our problem. We need to solve it by ourselves.

It does not mean that we should not share our grief with closed ones or a doctor. It only means, avoid crying about it in the public. Surely, our friends and family can help, console, encourage and support us but even with them, you need to be choosy to share what, how much and with whom.

Your tears are precious. Let them not become public property.
Your feelings should not become toys at the hands of public.
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If the problems are shared in social media, the masses may fake to be concerned about it, without any solutions. In your back, they make take your advantage and back stab.

In the moment of desperation and disappointment, seek the help of your own soul first. “Each soul is potentially divine” – Swami Vivekananda.
The inner strength will increase with self confidence. Believe in yourself. Tell to yourself that you can do it. You can overcome the loss. You have the power within you to tackle this situation.
Set up a master plan. Take the help of the minimum possible friends and get over your problems.
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Cry In Front Of God

If you do not find any shoulder to rest your head and cry, cry in front of a photo of your favorite God. Divine Park explains – tears in the prayer is like sticking the stamp on to the postal letter. The delivery is guaranteed.
With tearful prayer, at the moment of difficulty, you may not find immediate solution. But your soul gets connected to the supreme soul with the fuel of your tears. That Supreme Soul make sure that you win at the end. 

Laugh in crowd

This is how we should celebrate or respond to even the smallest joyful moments. It is very essential to showcase our successful endeavors as it will boost the morale and mood of the beloved ones and team mates. Also, this will reduce the strength of the opponents, competitors.

Laugh is contagious. Smile is endemic. It spreads positive vibes in and around us. With your achievements, you may be inspiring so many distressed souls.
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So., find the way to celebrate the joy in every possible cases and never cry for your failures in public.
You are free to share the response of your fellow people in your pleasure and sorrowful moments of the life (in the comment section below).

Cry Before Seeking Apology

Weeping has the power to clear the mind and inner feelings. It has equal effect of repenting. When an individual has done the mistake, he should repent for the guilty. Later on he or she should make the mind stronger to accept the error and there after strong determination has to be carried regarding unconditional apology with the person with whom the act of mistake has being carried.

Further, one step ahead, one more strong determination has to be carried not to do similar mistakes or mischievous acts in future. This completes the mishap and a ray of clear light will enter into the mind. Here plays the self crying or weeping very important role. It clears all hurdles, erases out all mistakes, declines the ego, smoothen the mind and strengthens the attitude towards further such actions or conditions of our life and profession.
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In reality, cry is the ‘humble apology’ with the self. A person, who has not cried before apology, surely makes the imitation or drama of apology; inner feelings will be as it is and in reality it will hurt the ego and hence any point of time it may provoke. Many a time this will lead to a quarrel, relation break, hatredness or long persisting jealousy within. This will ultimately act as a silent poison and in few of the cases; it ruins away the pleasure of mind and work satisfaction. In family relations, this leads to suspicion too.
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The individual who is honest and humble will accept the mistakes soon. Within no time he starts weeping and wants to clear any misunderstandings in relationship by apology which in fact gives a big relief from the bad incident. True cry clears the mind and maintains healthy relation throughout.

Undoubtedly real cry have silent apology. So, apology asked after a cry deserves immediate excuse. This gentle note and step will surely take us to a greater level. That is why a gentle hug after the cry and apology possesses the noble touch of healing of the unknown hands.
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