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14 Tips To Enjoy The Glory Of Life Each And Every Moment!

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD.
Enjoying the things and the moments is an art. Many feel that they have nothing to enjoy and few more try to find pains despite plenty enjoyable moments. Some do enjoy but not to the fullest. 🙂 

A person can celebrate happiness and find joy in each every day and moments of life.

14 things what we need to know to enjoy each moment of the life are –

  • Positive attitude towards the life
  • Knowledge about the uncertainties in the journey of life. You can die the next moment. Why worry then? As long as you are here on this earth, you have every right to enjoy!
  • Recollection of difficult moments of personal life and the tough situations faced by beloved ones. Count your blessings when compared to others.
  • Measure your personal capabilities, work to improve your skills, set higher goals to yourself and never stop!
  • Have a high self esteem – You are a responsible person, contributing to the wellness of the society, in a small or a big way.
  • Personal strength and the ways to hide out the inner potential. If not all the pleasures of the world, you have a stable physical and mental health. Cherish this rare advantage to the fullest.
  • Appreciation and ability to identify the good qualities of others ( including enemies, if you feel so!)
  • Respect for the existence of the person/material/matter regarding which you are not directly concerned
  • Love and affection towards all organisms/creatures, plants, grass, animals etc. This makes your heart more kind and big. This will help to overcome jealous and anger.
  • Admiration of the things around you. Do not hesitate to congratulate the waiter for a good dinner service, congratulate the hotel for good food, congratulate the driver for a safe ride etc.
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  • Open mind to accept the routine happenings as per the circumstances. Take the things as it is. All moments are meant to happen in this exact manner. All will end well. Have trust and work relentlessly.
  • Understanding the helplessness condition of others in various situations – a beggar, a poor farmer, patients etc.
  • Remaining silent when you get angry or feel envious. The silence helps to control the anger and does not spread chaos to the people around you.
  • Never feel that you are a competitor and somebody else as your competitor; because the joy of win or sorrow of defeat are not permanent (also nothing is ‘permanent and certain’ in this universe). Compete with yourself. Improve your skills, improve your ability to love and respect people. Improve your compassion.
  • Say “I love you” to your spouse, parents, children, friends. The smile in their face will bring real joy to you.
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It indeed appears something philosophical and impractical on the surface. But it is the fact of life mentioned and referred in various philosophical textbooks.

Quite interestingly, none of the scientific textbooks explain us how to spend each minute with joy….instead they explain how the gadgets can be used to spend time when you cannot enjoy yourself!

It means, you are better engaged than getting joy out of your life. However it is a better way to be engaged than remaining idle, as per modern psychology. But in its true sense engaging the mind by knowing the others’ matters does not contribute anything to your personal joy. On the contrary, it may put off your mood!

It is essential to contribute to the benefit of our presence to others. It may be minor or major effort. It does not matter. How you share your joy without harming the personal status of others is the biggest way to get the joy and also making others happy.
Is it not possible to adopt these simple ways and get enjoyed throughout…..?
Dear reader, you are free to add more to this, in the comment section below.
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