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Kushta Purvarupa: Premonitory Symptoms Of Skin Disorders

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Skin disorders are explained as Kushta in Ayurveda. As per Charaka, they are 18 in number. Generally, before the complete manifestation of symptoms, these skin disorders show premonitory symptoms. They are called Kushta Purvaroopa. They are explained as per Ashtanga Hrudaya and Charaka Samhita. 

Sanskrit verse

Kushta Purvaroopa

Premonitory symptoms of Kushta – Skin disorders:
Ati Shlakshna – Skin gets too soft
Ati Khara Sparsha – Skin gets too rough
Ati Sweda – Excessive sweating
Asweda – Too less sweating or lack of sweating
Vivarnataa / Vaivarnyam – Discoloration of the skin
Daaha – Burning sensation
Kandu – itching, pruritus
Twachi Swaapaha / Sparshaagnatwam – Numbness, loss of sensation or feel of touch
Toda – Pricking sensation, Throbbing pain
Unnata Kotha – Elevated Patches on the skin
Bhrama – Delusion, Dizziness
Vranaanaam Adhikam Mulam – Deep rooted patches or wounds
Sheeghra Utpatti, Chira Sthiti – The wounds or lesions get manifested in quick time and stay for longer duration

Roodhaanaam api rookshatwam – The scars or remnants lesions on the skin are also dry in nature
Nimitte Alpe Ati Kopanam – The lesions or symptoms get aggravated even with small causes / triggers
Romaharsha – Horripulation, Goose-Bumps
Asrujaha Kaarshnyam – Blackish coloration of the blood
Shrama – tiredness, fatigue
Klama – lassitude
Vranaanam Adhikam Shoolam – Severe pain in the lesions

Classification of skin disorders

7 Maha Kushta: Major Skin Diseases, Symptoms, Prognosis
11 Kshudra Kushta: Minor Skin Diseases, Symptoms, Prognosis

Skin disorders are also explained based on the affected body tissues.
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