Adhipati Marma: Location, Components, Effect Of Injury

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Adhipati is an important Marma i.e. vital or delicate point in the body. It is located inside the skull, at the top of the head and is formed by confluence of veins. Injury to this Marma is said to kill the person immediately. They are predominantly made up of Siras (blood vessels, veins).  

Adhipati Marma
मस्तक आभ्यन्तरत उपरिष्टात् सिरा सन्धि सन्निपातो रोमावतर्तो अधिपतिः, तत्र अपि सध्य एव (सध्यो मरणं)। (सु.शा.६/२८)

Location, number

Location –
Adhipati means leader or king, it is justified that it is an important Marma and placed right on the top of the head.

Adhipati Marma is located inside the head. It is a Sira Sannipata (confluence of veins) located at the interior of the skull (intra-cranial portion). It is deeper and in line with the romavarta (centre of hair root spiral over the scalp i.e. crown of the head).

Number –
Adhipati Marma is only one in number.


Categories in which the Adhipati Marma is included
i) Shiro-Greeva Gata Marma (Shiro = Head, Greeva = Neck)
ii) Sandhi Marma – Adhipati marma is predominantly made up of Sandhi i.e. bony joints. The other elements namely Siraa (blood vessels, veins), Asthi (Bones), Snayu (ligaments and tendons) and Mamsa (muscles) are also present but in a lesser proportion.

iii) Sadhyo Praanahara Marma – (Sadhyo – Immediate, Pranahara – life taking) Adhipati Marma possesses a threat to life immediately after getting injured.


Pramana (measurement of Adhipati Marma) –
Adhipati Marma occupies a space of ½ angula dimension (approximately equal to the horizontal dimension or breadth of middle segment of one’s own middle finger)

Effect of Injury

तत्र अपि सध्य एव (सध्यो मरणं)। (सु.शा.६/२८)
Any injury to the Adhipati Marma will cause immediate death.

Modern perspective

Modern Perspective (Practical anatomy) of Adhipati Marma
Structures falling in the area of Adhipati Marma –

  • Confluence of Sinuses
  • Vital centers in the Medulla (Cardiac, Respiratory and Vasomotor centers)

Though all the elements which comprise a marma i.e. siraa (blood vessels, veins), mamsa (muscles), asthi (bones) and snaayu (ligaments and tendons) are all present in the site of this Marma, it is predominant in the sandhi (bony joints) making up the Adhipati Marma, therefore it is a Sandhi Marma.

Just Before Finishing
Adhipati Marma occupying the crown of the head, being located inside the cranium, being made up of vital confluence of veins and corresponding with the vital centers in medulla, is the most sensitive area of the body. Any head injury, especially on the top of the head and around the crown should be addressed immediately.
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