6 Kutaj Home Remedies: Diarrhea, Ulcerative Colitis, Fever

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD


Kutaj is known as the best anti diarrhoeal Ayurvedic herb.
Botanical name is Holarrhena antidysnterica and it belongs to Apocyanaceae family.

It is bitter associated astringent in taste and cooling herb, possessing pungent bio transformation(vipaka) effect. It balances Pitta and Kapha Dosha.
Excess intake or over dosage of the formulations containing Kutaja may provoke Vata dosha.

The stem bark, root bark and seeds are the usable parts of this plant.
Kutajarishtha, Kutajavaleha, Kutajashthaka choorna, Vatsakadi kashaya, Kutajamustakadi kashaya, Kutaja ghanavati are unique Ayurvedic medicines of this herb.

The bark is rich resource of tannin contents followed by the alkaloids such as conessine, conimine, conkurchine group alkaloids including conessidine and holarrhenine, holafrine, holarrhetine etc. The leaves too contain significant amount of alkaloids kurchiphyllamine and kurchiphylline.

The flowers are used in the preparation of the side dishes like soup and chutney. It is a well known appetizers, carminative and digestive.

Kutaja bark and the seeds are known for their anti diarrhoeal, anti helmethic, anti pyretic, anti tussive and anti inflammatory properties.
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Home remedies

Important simple health remedies of various parts of Kutaja are referred here below-


1. Kutaja remedy for diarrhoea, dyscentery and IBS:
The bark of the stem is taken and its decoction is made. This decoction is administered in thev dose of 20-30 ml three or four times a day. This effectively controls diarrhoea, dyscentery, IBS etc.

Ulcerative colitis, worms

2. Kutaj and bael remedy for ulcerative colitis and intestinal worms:
Equal amount of Kutaja bark and Bael leaves are taken and its decoction is made. This decoction if administered regularly pacifies intestinal worms and ulcerative colitis and simple colic abdomen too. During the medicatio, buttermilk is administered as Anupana.

Debility, dyspepsia

3. Kutaj dried flower soup as appetizer in post fever debility and dyspepsia:
The flowers are dried under sunshde. It is fried with little ghee or oil by sprinking little salt water. This can be used as it is. Or else to this, water and a pinch pepper is added and cooked for 5 minutes. This soup is useful for anorexia, tiredness caused due to fever and diarrhea.

Evening rise of temperature

4. Kutaj seed powder, cumin and fennel remedy for evening rise of temperature:
Kutaja seed, cumin seeds and fennel seeds are taken in equal amount and made into powder. To this 10 gram of powder 200 ml hot water is added and allowed for cooling. When it is lukewarm this is taken in the dose of 30-40 ml twice or thrice a day. This relieves evening rise of temperature.

Fever, food poisoning

5. Kutaj bark decoction for recurrent fever and food poisoning:
Dry bark of Kutaja plant is used to prepare the decoction. This decoction helps to relieve recurrent attack of fever, complications of food poisoning etc. In allergic skin manifestations (of children) also this is effective.


6. Kutaja stem or root powder dusting over the ulcers:
Root or stem powder of the plant is used to dust over the oozing ulcers. This relieves the secretion and helops to ease the processing of healing.

Kutaja is a very safe and effective medicine which takes care of fever, diarrhoea, indigestion, IBS, haemorroids, food poisoning etc. Preferably its decoctionn or hot infusion helps to manage the above said complaint to the best possible extent. Many a time it acts as an emergency medicine as well.

The practitioners appreciate its good benefits in the cases of loose motion which is not pacified by any of the anti diarrheals and anti-biotics/microbial are  benefitted by Kutaja derived formulations like Kutajarishtha, Kutajavaleha, Kutajamustakadi kashaya etc.
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