Arjuna Home Remedies: Diabetes, Hair Care, Osteoporosis

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD


Terminalia arjuna is a famous Ayurvedic herb for heart care. It is also used for the treatment of aconitum poisoning.  It is a good source of calcium. Acharya Chakrapanidutta  emphasized its utility in healing fractures in 10th  century AD itself. 

Though stem bark is the most used part in traditional practices, fresh leaves as well as fruits are also used for treatment.
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Medicated milk of arjuna bark is a well appreciated in cardiac disorders. As a cardiac protective it is used by thousands together healthy people, to prevent cardiac diseases and to strengthen the cardiac functions.
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Home remedies

Some of the simple and effective remedies of Arjuna are mentioned here below-

Osteoporosis, geriatric fatigue

1. Arjuna bark decoction in osteoporosis and geriatric fatigue:
10 grams of arjuna bark powder is taken, added to 2 cups of water, boiled and reduced to half a cup. Filtered. This decoction is consumed along with half a teaspoon of jaggery and a teaspoon of honey. This is useful for the treatment of osteoporosis and fatigue caused during old age.
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For hair wash

2. Arjuna leaf cold infusion/shampoo for hair wash:
Mature, green leaves of Arjuna are soaked in water and macerated well with hands. It yields a mucilagenous mix. It is used for washing hairs. It is applied over wet hairs and washed after 10 minutes. This improves shining and quality of hair.
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Finger web infection

3. Arjuna fruit decoction in dhobi itch and finger web infections:
Mature, ,dark brown fruits/seeds are collected and dec oction is prepared. This is used to wash the wounds, especially in Dhobi itch as well as other kind of finger web infections. Soligas-tribal folk healers of Karnataka practice this remedy.

They dust the arjuna bark powder over such wounds/ulcers if oozing (secretion) is present.

Diabetes, athralgia

4. Arjuna remedy for diabetes, arthralgia:
Asana – Pterocarpus marsupium  and
Bilva – bael tree barks are collected in equal quantity and fine powder is made.

3-4 pinch (say approximately 2-3 gram) of this powder is given in empty stomach along with a cup of water for the treatment of Type II DM associated with peripheral neuritis or numbness.

Hridaya (heart) is the site of manas(mind) according to Ayurveda.Whenever the mind is disturbed whole body is agitated and the mental pleasure is ruined away.Arjuna  was disturbed by the conditions of the war field in Kukshetra. Probably with the symbolical representation how Arjuna was strengthened well by Lord Krishna, similarly this tree Arjuna is useful to regularize the cardiac functions and hence to attain peace, pleasure, satisfaction and happiness.

Great thought processes are hidden even in simple matters……excavation is our job!
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