Why Hot Water Shower On Scalp Is Bad? Ayurveda Answers

Today we have gained much health awareness with respect to every aspect of food and habits. We try hard to adopt rich diet, pollution free atmosphere for our residence, nutritious food and drinks, body accustomed-seasonal friendly clothing etc. 

Likewise we have started adopting the soaps, detergents, toothpastes, creams, gels, shampoo etc. That too we prefer standard companies and “premium” products. Today we are ready to pay any cost for our health, mental peace and satisfaction. But still we are a failure in adopting the age old practices and good habits. We give our justification in all such contexts saying they are out-dated or their idea is not matching with the time and space. Due to this today we are paying a lot of penalty to our self, unknowingly.

People prefer to have hot water bath. Nothing wrong in it because it surely helps to take blemishes accumulated in the hair root and hence to release the excess of sweating and dust particles adhered to the skin. Further the froth also increased when warm water is used and this facilitates for contributing more benefit out of bathing.
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But if the same hot water is used for head bathing it will harm the hair roots and even the essential oleaginous/sebaceous glands get irritated and the hairs are not nourished properly. Instead the hair roots become baseless/root less and the essential nutrients of the hair root are also not supplied.

This results in more and more hair loss and gradually thinning of the scalp hair is also observed. Meanwhile few will develop premature grey hairs or baldness in due course of time, due to this.
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In female also even though such chances are there, due to the thick hair of the scalp, as the water reaches to the base/root of the scalp, it is cooled down and hence its immediate effect is not found. But surely in prolonged period this may harm in women also. The incident will be more among the people who use shower to head bath with hot water.

Ayurveda explains this with classical evidence as below-

Reference: Ashtanga Hrudaya Sutrasthana 2nd chapter
Hot water bath over the body is good. But the same on scalp leads to loss of strength of hairs and eyes.
Acharya Vagbhata further adds that not only the loss of strength to the scalp but also total body strength is also ruined and the visual acuity is also lost/declined.

So room temperature water is preferred in head bath (for body bathing warm water is recommended)  and  in emergency mere slightly warmed (lukewarm can be used, that too in Vata and Kapha body type individuals. Great thinking by noble Acharyas!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your valuable experience. Hope it encourages many others to follow this healthy habit. 🙂

  2. Hello sir.

    I stay in UK now.and due to cold climate i am getting severe dandruff in my hair and also hair fall. Please suggest some ayurvedic medicine or shampoo for this. I try to use Luke warm water on my hair during hair wash.


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