4 Teakwood Remedies For Diabetes, Burns, Urinary Calculi

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
Teakwood (Tectona grandis) is an age old classical herb of Ayurveda. This is known as Shaka in Ayurveda. The seeds, stem bark and tender leaves (buds) are the usable parts of this plant. 

The plant is known for its
anti-inflammatory (shothahara),
antipyretic (jwarahara),
anti-diuretic (mutra sangrahaneeya),
twachya (glow enhancing) and
lithotripsic (ashmarihara) action.

It is useful in the treatment of  generalised oedema (shotha), jwara (fever),burns (dagdhata),wound (vrana),ashmari (urinary calculi) etc.

Home remedies

Here are a few remedies using teakwood:


1. Leaf powder in Type II Diabetes mellitus:
Fresh and matured (not ripened) green leaves of teak are collected and dried under shade. This powdered well and stored. Daily morning in the dose of 2-3 gram this is administered preferably during early morning.

This helps to reduce the sugar level in Type II DM.
Note: Some develop nausea due to this formulation due to the peculiar odour of the teak; in such a case better to avoid this recipe.

Uncontrolled urination

2. Bark decoction in diabetes and in uncontrolled urination:
10 gram of dried bark (obtained from the adult tree) is taken and decoction is prepared. This is helpful to marginally decrease the sugar level.This is beneficial in uncontrolled urination, especially caused during old age.


3. Tender leaf bud oil in burns:
20-25 tender leaf buds (coppery red in color ) are taken and crushed well to make into fine paste. To this 100 ml oil (coconut or sesame oil)  and 200 ml water are added and oil is cooked. This yields red or reddish brown oil.

Regular application of this oil over the burns and scalds relieves the burning as well as cure the lesions without the scar.
This can be used in the dandruff and blisters of the scalp especially  caused in the children.
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Urinary calculi

4. Seed decoction in urinary calculi:
10 gram of hard and dry seeds of teak are collected and coarse powder is made. This is made into decoction and filtered. This decoction is administered in the dose of  50-60 ml twice or thrice daily.

This is a very good lithotripsic (ashmaribhedana)  home remedy. The  urinary calculi of 5-8 mm size are  easily broken and expelled out by this simple recipe.
Teak is not mere a useful tree of wood but also a valuable source of medicine too.
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  1. Hello Doc, could you tell me the very best treatments for diabetes and oedema? I keep trying a million different herbs and nothing is working. I take lasix, stinging nettle, dandelion, parsley, etc etc. Nothing is getting rid of my water. And all the herbs and teas i have tried for my diabetes type 2 is not working. Could you suggest some ideas that might work for tough cases.
    Thank you for your time


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