9 Simple Natural Techniques To Beat Winter Blues

By Dr.M.S. Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
Cracked feet, dry palms, dry, cracked lips, stiff, twitching of the fingers, joint pain, muscle crams shivering, shrinking of the skin or sensation of the dust over the face, increased itching, cold infection are a few gifts that winter brings with it. 

Important to understand here the fact that both Kapha -due to Sheeta guna (coldness), and  Vata-due to Sheeta(cold) and rookshata (dryness) are aggravated and hence 2/3 of population is badly affected by cold season!

Here two simple line of treatments are referred which are helpful to face the problems as well as to relieve from the seasonal complaints-

winter season

1.Keeping the body warm by suitable internal and external measures
2. Application of moisturizing substances which are suitable to ones constitution preferably which retains moisture for prolonged period without disturbing the texture of the skin. Eladi oil or Kumkumadi oil – a few drops applied over face / whole body acts as good moisturizer. These oils relieve skin and lip dryness.
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3. Oil massage for body pain:
Apply mustard oil (or any suitable medicated oil like Kottamchukkadi taila, Dhanvantara taila, Dashamoola taila etc) all over the body; if possible daily or else at least once in a week. Later have hot water bath.

4. Take warm and fresh decoction of Dashamoola or Herbal tea made of ginger and pepper twice daily, preferably after food. It will boost digestion strength and also relieves cough and cold. A teaspoon of total of ginger and black pepper powder, mixed in a cup of water, boiled and reduced to half  a cup. Filtered and consumed.

5. Have 10 ml of ghee with a pinch of salt along with large amount of warm water, preferably early in the morning,in empty stomach. It relieves skin dryness and also internal dryness. This is not ideal if you have cough, cold, fever or digestion problems.

6. Apply plain ghee or sesame oil over the parts which are usually getting dried or gets crack.

7. Take any of the rejuvenation remedies  like Chyavanaprasha, Agasthya rasayana, Bharngi guda, Amalaki rasayana, Dashamoola rasayana etc 8-10 gram preferably early in the evening or in nights, after food.

8. In case if you are tired very often or developing cramps, 2-3 gram each of salt and ghee are added to rice or wheat gruel and consumed once in a day.
Otherwise lukewarm Kichdi can be taken.

9. Long pepper or black pepper should be used instead of chilly powder in the preparation of side dishes, soup and sambar/curries.This helps to beat both kapha and Vata.

Feel the pleasure of cold season being warm in mind and body.Face the situation being ready with expectation –is the simple rule of life also!
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  1. My personal experience says that Amla creates dryness all over the body especially these days. This I am saying when I do oil massage daily. I wonder why amla is advised during these high dryness periods !


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