3 Easy Home Remedies For Bleeding Gums

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD.
Bleeding gums is a common feature in Pitta Dosha dominant people. It is also seen in deficiency of Vitamin C. Here are a few simple remedies for bleeding gums.  

Guava fruit with leaf

So people are always in search of simple and effective home remedies .Here are few simple, side effect free and highly successful remedies that are beneficial in the beginning of the bleeding disorders.

Unripe mango

Guava leaf buds

Tender leaf buds of Guava, tamarind and mango are taken ( 5 gram each) and fine paste is made.
If pus discharge is an associated symptom, then a pinch of turmeric and curry leaf powder can be added. This paste is retained in mouth for 5-8 minutes
12-14 days regular treatment gives significant benefits.

Mango leaves

10 mature mango leaves
10  mid rib vein of the jack fruit leaf
5-10 gram of coir or fiber of coconut and
1 gram (5-8 seeds ) of Cardamom are taken together in an earthen pan.
This mix is burnt by heating till it is charred.
A black coloured mass is obtained.
To this a pinch of salt is added and fine powder is made. If necessary it can be sieved.

amla fresh and dry fruits

Daily morning and night, above powder is applied to the gums and then mouth is gargled with plain water. This yields good benefit in bleeding gum and gingivitis.

Medicated powder

10 dried gooseberries (Amla)
1 teaspoon of tea powder,
1 teaspoon table salt
1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
They are taken together and pounded well to obtain the fine powder. Daily night before going to bed 1 teaspoonof this is retained in the mouth and gradually it is chewed.

Or else mouth gargling can be carried 10-15 days regular practice gives very good relief in case of bleeding gum, gingivitis, bad breath and sore throat.
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