Nausea: Ayurvedic remedies, treatment, Medicines

Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu)., PhD.
Excess salivation followed by tastelessness is termed as Nausea in medical terms. This feature may be found as a symptom in so many disorders.

Importantly in almost all gastro intestinal disorders it is a common feature. Other than this, in chronic and grave disorders like Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Obstructive jaundice, Pancreatitis, Typhoid, Pyrexia of Unknown Origin etc it is a dominant feature.
Often in case of Menopausal syndrome, first trimester of pregnancy, pre-menarche also this is found as a feature in few of the individuals.

Anyhow, in case of mental stress and grief, dissatisfaction, fearful conditions, anxiety also nausea is complained in significant number of patients.

Nausea – Ayurvedic explanation

Ayurvedic version of Nausea: 
Ayurveda refers this condition as Praseka or Hrillasa. Even though these two words are derived from different sources they mean the same.
Prakarshena seka – meaning repeated salivation or excess of regurgitation or severe belching.
Hrillasa means the condition where the individual complains of discomfort in chest followed with dislike towards food due to salivation.

Causes, features

Why nausea is caused?
Nausea is due to the result of repulsion of the saliva where instead of moving in its direction (towards the stomach),it comes out or stays in the buccal cavity itself.
Ayurveda explains it as a feature of indigestion and matter of aggravation of kapha.
So all factors leading to aggravation of kapha and causative factors of Indigestion (Ajeerna) holds good here also.

Associated features: 
Even though nausea is a common feature it is not an individual disorder. So it is always associated with other signs and symptoms like indigestion, tastelessness, regurgitation, sore throat, horripilation, sweet taste of the mouth or non perception of taste etc.

Whereas in the conditions like acid peptic disorders (gastritis),mal digestion, jaundice etc it may be a dominant feature.

Line of treatment

Line of Treatment for Nausea: 
All measures are adopted to maintain the digestive fire/regulate the hunger. Carminative and digestive medicaments in association with anti flatulent effect are of utmost use in this respect.

The medicines which pacify Kapha dosha are highly beneficial for instant effect.
Good oral hygiene, tasty food of one’s liking do contribute significantly to relieve this complaint.
Suppression of natural urges are to be avoided strictly for longer benefit.

Ayurvedic medicines

Formulations effective in Nausea: 
For chewing-
Lavangadi vati
Eladi vati
Amalaki rasayana
Soubhagya shunthi
Ardraka khanda etc

For internal administration-
Pathya katphaladi kashaya
Matala rasayana
Pathya shadanga kashaya
Chinchadi lehya etc

Patent products-
Madiphala rasayana (imis)
Heparil (Alva pharmacy)
Heptovit (Millinium herbals) etc

Do’s and dont’s

Do’s and Don’ts in case of Nausea: 
All food and habits which increase kapha dosha are to be avoided.Junk food and stored food are also taboo in case of nausea.

As psychological factors are also having significant impact, stress and strain, anxiety, dissatisfaction, worries etc are to be avoided to in maximum extent.

Wholesome and digestive-carminative and anti flatulent food and beverages are highly recommended. Proper rest and timely sleep, body exercises and enough warm water intake are the easier tips to avoid nausea.

Last drop: 
Nausea, very commonly, found among the people who are on long term medication like anti tubercular treatment, anti epileptic treatment, cyto-toxic medication, hormonal therapies etc.
As withdrawal of medication is not at all possible and inconvenient, the individual can opt good and safe Ayurvedic medicaments in this respect.

Even though home remedies do wonders in few of the cases readily available Ayurvedic formulations stand as ultimate and safe effective remedies in this regard.
Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu)., PhD.

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