Phosphaturia: Ayurvedic Medicines, Remedies, Herbs

Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy.
Phosphaturia is a condition where watery portion of the urine is passed with the persistent presence of an excess of phosphates in the urine.


This is most commonly found in the individuals with constant nervous irritation and an undue degree of nervous excitability or irritability. The incidences stand in little higher range in the individuals who exert pressure with insufficient nerve force during urination.

This condition is observed in certain errors of the food digestion, acute atrophy of the liver, intake of large amount of phosphate rich food stuffs, and in few of the diseased conditions like anemia, jaundice, prostate enlargements, wasting disorders like tuberculosis, cancer etc and certain hormonal disorders.

Even though it is not common in few of the patients with Diabetes mellitus also Phosphaturia is found and if it is persistent for long it is named as Phosphatic diabetes, by recent Diabetologists.

The condition of Phosphaturia may be found in the individuals who are induced with alkalinity of the urine like those who found present in chronic cystitis.

Symptoms, Diagnosis

Symptoms of Phosphaturia:
As such this is not an individual disorder and specific symptoms are not found. But those with this complaint for more time period complain of dense urination, fatigue and muscular spasms/cramping pain.

Diagnosis Phosphaturia:
The diagnosis is purely based upon the presence of the phosphates in the urine; these will occasionally precipitate in crystals. Most of the time it is perceptible to the naked eye, when they cause a great deal of backache and much urinary irritation

In few of the cases there will be small renal or vesicle calculi, composed of the phosphates. In such incidences they produce sufficient irritation to cause cystic inflammation, and sometimes even the pyuria (pus in urine).

Under these circumstances the urine is always alkaline. When the urine is strongly acid, the phosphates remain in solution, unless they are present in excessive quantity.

Ayurvedic experts consider this as Bhasma meha. All line of treatment of Kaphaja prameha holds good here.

Ayurvedic treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment of Phosphaturia
Rest: These patients must need rest, in case if the complaint is persisting since long.
Nervine tonics: As there is possibility of systemic involvement to regulate and restore systemic functions nervine tonics may be preferred.

Herbs: As per Ayurveda following single drugs can be used for this purpose-
Kooshmanda-Ash gourd-Benin casahispida
Bala- Sida cordifolia
Draksha(raisins)-Vitis vinifera
Jeevanthi-Leptadenia reticulate
Gokshura-Tribulus terrestris
Punarnava-Boerrhavia diffusa
Amalaki(gooseberries)-Emblica officinalis
Bhumyamalaki-Phyllanthus neruri
Chandana(sandal wood)-Santalum album
Ela(cardamom)-Elatteria cardamomum
Vidari-Ipomea tuberosa

Formulations useful in the Treatment of Phosphaturia(Bhasma meha)- 
Nishamalaki choorna
Triphala choorna
Paripathadi khada
Amalaki rasayana
Chandraprabha vati etc

Do’s and Don’ts

As the calcium rich dietary products may worsen the condition or mask the incidences it is wise to reduce such food and drinks; especially thick milk and milk products are not advisable.
Spicy food and junk food are having direct impact over the condition and hence they are to be avoided.
Food loaded with heavy amount of preservatives and coloring agents like sauce, ketchup, jam, pickle, bread and bun are also to be avoided during the treatment for the above said condition.
Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy.

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