Develop A Soldier In Your Mind

I often ask myself – am I as competent as a soldier, at least mentally? If a soldier was in my place, doing my job, would he do what I am doing now? Would he stop working, when I stop?

Col. Mahadik

This has helped me greatly to overcome laziness and keep myself disciplined, sharp and focused. It also has helped me in physical fitness as well.

Yesterday, I cried looking at the picture of daughter of Martyr Col. Mahadik, saluting her father. She looks like my daughter. 🙁
I think the sacrifice of such soldiers should never go waste. We all should remember very well, at all times, that, this luxurious, happy life that we live comes at a very costly price of lives of our soldiers.

I think the difference between a first and a third world country is not related to economics. It is related to mentality and patriotism.
If people take up responsibility of the nation on to themselves and do their bit to help others, to contribute to society, then the country will excel, regardless of economy. We Indians need to go a long way in achieving that. Japan is first world and India is still not there, just because – amount of patriotism in a Japanese mind is higher than Indian.

Honorable HRD Minister of India, Ms Smriti Irani wants students to have glimpse of a soldier’s life. (source). I am so happy to know that. I have met a few soldiers in my life and I remember and cherish each and every moment of those conversations.
If you ever feel lazy, lack motivation, just do one thing. Talk to a soldier. 

If students have glimpse of soldier’s life, then they will get to know the cost of their freedom, luxury and happiness. It will make them responsible, it will make them more disciplined. It will help them excel in their field of interest. The country will have excellent engineers, doctors, managers, bankers, clerks, teachers, professors with compassionate hearts, competitive brains and helping minds.

Let us nurture a soldier in our mind. Let us be responsible. Let us be disciplined. It will surely help us to have a better mental and physical health.

5 thoughts on “Develop A Soldier In Your Mind”

  1. Dear Sir

    Nice article, our students need one year compulsory defence training to change our mind set.

    I always say we work like military.


  2. Your thinking is right. People in every walk of life should be disciplined like a soldier and that will make India great. Thanks for your opinion.

  3. Your opinion about future generation is encouraging. People in every walk of life should be disciplined like a soldier. Thanks.


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