5 Reasons To Stop Swearing And 8 Tips To Achieve It

Cussing, cursing or swearing temporarily helps you to let out anger, frustration and anxiety. It is like taking anabolic steroids. Long term side effects outweigh short term benefits. 

Cussing / swearing helps to – 
Assert that we are right and someone else is wrong
A way to let out anger and frustration
To prove a wrong thing as right
To boost confidence, to show your strength.

Bad effects of cursing

The problem with cursing:
Whoever is conscious to inject one’s self with positivism has to look for positive things around him / her.
Being appreciative, being patient, being less talkative and more hearing, helps to inject positivism into our mind.
Being complaining, finding negativity in others, blaming others for your faults does not help the cause of positivism. It depletes immunity, decreases confidence, makes you feel worse about yourself and your environment, makes you depressed.


Relation with Ojas

Ancient seers talk about Ojas – the vital energy that we possess inside. Ojas is related body immunity and peacefulness of mind. Read more about Ojas

We lose some amount of Ojas by many ways.
If we steal something, cause physical harm, we lose ojas – effects mental health, causes lack of sleep, accumulation of free radicals in the body, varies blood pressure and sugar levels.. disease sets i.
If we think negatively or illegally about someone / something, we lose some Ojas.
If we scold someone, or just curse within our mind, we lose some amount of Ojas.

Even if we curse only in the mind, without uttering a single word, our inner consciousness knows each and every move of us. So, it catches the negative thought process. This is reflected in the form of mental or physical illness.
So, not only cursing by speaking is bad, cursing within our mind is also equally bad.

Social Problems are also aplenty with cursing.

Effective tips

Effective tips to stop swearing:
1. Burn method:
write all those swearing words that you use in a small piece of paper. Burn it. See it burn. Tell your mind that because those words of your mind are burnt, you will be a man of good words from now on.

2. If you do prayer, Yoga or Pranayam, write your swearing phrases in a paper and keep this under the mattress upon which  you sit. Think that you are stepping on them, you are suppressing them, you are over-coming them and becoming a better person everyday.

3. Soon after getting up and just before going to bed, say loudly – Day by day, in every way, I am stopping cursing.

4. If you believe in God, make a promise to your Diety, that you will not curse for one hour. Slowly extend it to quarter a day, half a day, full day, a week, whole life.

5. If you do daily Pranayama – While exhaling think that all your swearing words are going out of your mind. While inhaling, think that all the positive words are replacing the exhaled swearing words.

6. Stop watching TV shows, reading books, films that use plenty of swearing.

stop swearing

7. Count the number of times you cuss per day. Donate that much rupees or dollars to a charity.

(These tips are adopted from the preaching of Divine Park )

8. Replace the cursing word with positive phrases – Son of a Divine Mother, What the blessing is this?,  peace to all, (in place of piece of ….), Hare Krishna, Jai Mata Di, Jai Guruji, Praise The Lord and so on.


Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have demonstrated that discouraging words can be disturbing and harmful to one’s confidence, even when uttered by a robot (research).

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