The Best Killer Of Your Brain and Creativity: Imitation

Whenever you see a dancer doing Michael Jackson moves, the common review is – “well, the dancer did his best, but MJ will always be MJ”. By imitating someone, you can never achieve more than the person that you are imitating.

Eat Pray And Love is a famous memoir of Elizabeth Gilbert who takes a tour to Italy, India and Indonesia to connect with her inner true-self. I just finished reading it and loved every bit of it.

LONDON - September 22: Elizabeth Gilbert At Eat Prey Love Movie  Premiere
LONDON – September 22: Elizabeth Gilbert At Eat Prey Love Movie Premiere

Inspired by her story, many people are taking the Eat Pray and Love Tour to exactly the same places Ms Gilbert visited. That just so beats the purpose of the tour. In a tour, you would go exploring the external world to learn more about the inner – you. But with such imitation tours, you would end up finding more about Liz Gilbert than you!

The media in recent times is portraying Elon Musk as the next Steve Jobs. I wonder why there is a need of next Steve Jobs and why Elon Musk can simply be the awesome Elon Musk that he already is!

Dad Bod: Recently a fatty male body size called Dad bod got into trending. It is just like the body of an uncle-figure in his 40s. All of a sudden there are programs and techniques advertising – “Get the dad bod in 2 weeks”, “10 tips to get perfect dad bod”. I wonder why such a craze is behind this, dad bod or lean muscular bod, whatever is healthy and comfortable is perfect for you.

dad bod
Dad bod

Recently Karnataka state Government (where I live) declared that it will promote Ayurveda tourism like Kerala.
Promoting Ayurveda tourism – bravo idea!
But Like Kerala?
If we do it like Kerala, Kerala are already masters in the game and they can easily beat us in it in without a drop of sweat.

Which celebrity lookalike you are?
Dude, you yourself are a celebrity in making. Have trust.

Imitation for learning is good but along the way, you will always get your chance to put in your own experience and style. Make the best use of such chances and pivot from the original source and put in your own signature on all things you do.

Imitation is good for putting initial steps. But when it comes to making an impact, you already are a unique gift to this world, the world wants to enjoy what you have got, not what you can imitate. The world already has seen that great person that you want to imitate. The world wants to know more about YOU and YOUR works.

Imitation vs Picking up good qualities / habits from others such as increasing vocabulary, improving on posture,  learning to be more sympathetic, etc are completely different things.

Bottom line: 
Whenever you are doing something, always be conscious not to imitate.
Never miss an opportunity to appreciate good things in others and adopt them to your life and routine.
Always try to be your true-self.
Remember, the world is desperately needing the best of you.
Your current self might not be sufficient to excel, because mediocrity and half-heart-ed attempts never get any reward. Only hard work and excellence yield fruits. So, always look for ways to improvise.
Gather courage, stand up and express yourself. 

2 thoughts on “The Best Killer Of Your Brain and Creativity: Imitation”

  1. True………But in the corporate world, imitation in all ways is adored and welcome……..When hiring, they dont look at a person holistically. They have standard benchmarks and frameworks….People are also tuned to the moulds, and hence look alike , do alike, think alike, be alike, qualify alike, skills alike, ……..we can add more alikes……………This is in the blood……Being truly self and unique doesnt hold water in the business and corporate world…..if one has to survive……………..So survival of the fittest , more so the smartest is the name of the game……


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