Why We Planned For the Second Child Despite Many Odds?

Article by Harshita.
Having the first child brings us unparalleled happiness. It is a bundle of joy in our lives. We enjoy every moment seeing it and thinking about it. We make sure that we get him/her everything new in the market, many times paying more than we afford. Whatever he/she does looks cute, smiling, crying, crawling, trying to walk and falling down, getting angry, stubbornness, hitting others…

Gradually when the kid grows, his actions seem no longer cute.
Doesn’t want to share toys with other kids.
Cannot accept a “No” from anyone.
Is cranky for no reason and fussy about everything.
Feels lonely, although has all the toys available in the market.
Is overly attached to the parents.

This is the time when advises start flowing in. “It is high time!!! Now you should plan for a second child.”

Even I faced similar problems with my son.
We noticed that
He was not getting along easily with his peers.
He was stubborn and lonely.
He would create havoc while leaving, every time when somebody visited us or we visited other’s house.(I guess most of the parents with one kid have experienced this)

The problems worsened with each day. It was time for us to take a call, to plan for a second child.

brother and sister

It was not an easy decision to be made because of our financial condition, since I had already quit working and my husband was the only earning person. Don’t you agree with me that the life in a city like Bangalore is not easy with only one source of income? I know the unanimous answer “YES”. 🙂

Believe me!! It was the best decision we ever made. Though my son was a bit depressed during the initial months for not getting the kind of attention, he used to get before, soon he got out of the over-protected mode. He started accepting the new environment happily.

Of course we had to watch on our expenses.

  • We shopped only what was necessary.
  • Ate less out and started consuming more homemade food.
  • Unknowingly started following healthy lifestyle which prevented us from visiting doctors frequently. 🙂
  • Had to cut down on travel 🙁  We will make up for it in the future 🙂
  • We cut down on our expensive gifts on birthdays, weddings and festivals.

Just small adjustments in our routine have paid us off. We are immensely happy and satisfied when we see our son protecting his little sister and helping her learn alphabets and numbers. Nothing can be more joyous than seeing them sleeping, holding each other’s hands.

1 thought on “Why We Planned For the Second Child Despite Many Odds?”

  1. Simply delighted to read this …..Siblings are a must irrespective of financial issues. We all have come across people even in the lower strata of society having 2 or even 3 kids…..It is all in the mind ……It really doesn’t matter whether a family is rich or poor ….What matters is if all members are happy…

    But nature is cruel some times to some people….they are not in a position to have a second child due to health reasons…In that case, just accept reality and move ahead in life….


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